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I Copied Amy's Oil Demo

The model Amy that does the Wen oil demo, where she applies it to her face and then smooths it off with a dry towel, I did this ONE TIME and the results!  My face is flawless!  Why wasn't I trying this sooner?  I was just applying it to my scalp a few nights a week.  Wow, if it did that for my face, imagine what it does for my roots?  I mean, I can't exactly see roots the way I can see my face in the mirror but I was really shocked by the results.  I'm gonna do this EVERY night.  Not only that but my skin tends to be oily and it did not make any difference with that.  No wonder Chaz keeps having her do that.

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Re: I Copied Amy's Oil Demo

I use one of the oils, usually a seasonal, every night like that to remove my SPF before cleansing.  It leaves my face very smooth without any oil or grease.  When I skip the oil, I can really tell a difference with my skin, and not in a good way.