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Re: Hair looks better without any leave-ins?

@HarwichHelen  I can't imagine having very fine shoulder length hair and not blowing it dry, unless the hair is very curly. I have fine, thin hair that is very short and I always blow it dry for added volume, style and hold. I do not use CC as a leave in, I find it weighs my hair down, although I do use a pump of the styling cream on wet hair and use the mousse for added volume. My hair is shiny and does not look like it's fine, thin hair. I've had people tell me I can wear that short, spikey, pixie style because I have thick hair and I just laugh. Have you tried a cool water rinse as your last step before any addition of product? I heard that  that practice seals the cuticle of the hair shaft and the hair looks shiny, seems to work for me.

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Re: Hair looks better without any leave-ins?

@HarwichHelen @Maltese Momma I remember those days. Well, there was SC but not all the other things. But I guess in fairness all the add on products are things we Wen girls begged for. The mousse has been a game changer for me. It is the only extra product I use. I don't even use the SC, it really doesn't seem to do a thing for my hair.


Oh, and back to the original topic, I have fine hair and I do use the leave in, but my hair is very dry.

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Re: Hair looks better without any leave-ins?

You don't really need another opinion on this, but I also only use a small amount of leave-in. I have baby fine hair and I generally air dry and yeah, too much leave in, and 2 hours later my hair is still wet.


The two products I can go pretty heavy on are the styling cream and the glossing serum, as long as I put them in on soaking wet hair. Stick too much leave in CC into the mix and things go a bit haywire.


I just go by the amount he used to recommend, which is maybe one pump out of a 16 oz.


I also have to go easy on the RTM.

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Re: Hair looks better without any leave-ins?

It gets confusing, maybe because he has so many products now.


Does anyone remember years ago when the emphasis was cleanse, rinse, repeat, but what he said back then was "rinse, rinse, rinse, rinse with cool water". People would complain that their hair was limp and weighed down and he would say "you are not rinsing long enough, Rinse rinse rinse" and people were saying "10 minutes under cool water is just too time consuming!"


Now he says wash rinse repeat and then put extra SC in on dripping wet water. It makes me wonder why he changed the directions? He doesn't even emphsize the long rinsing period now?


I stuck with his original directions of rinse rinse rinse, and I do not add the extra SC as a leave in. I do put the styling cream in before I even touch the towel so my hair is dripping wet as I comb it through and it seems to work fine.


I have very fine hair. I have never had tons of volume my whole life so it is what it is. I do like that I don't have to wash my hair more than twice a week.


One thing about his models and their gorgeous hair is that they all get their professional blow dry and curl up with as many of the round brushes he (or associates) can fit on their heads the day before they come to town. They sit there for a while all rolled up until their hair is completely cool and I think that is what locks in their curls and waves for all the shows they do.


We A) don't have 10 or 12 twelve brushes sitting at home to be able to curl hair that way and B) don't have time to do our hair and sit for however long they sit while the hair cools down. I think some of the disappointed people who post elsewhere forget that the models get the professional blow dry, so to expect our hair to be as lush and beautiful is maybe too high of expectations. Everyones hair is different and we are doing our own.

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Re: Hair looks better without any leave-ins?

I  believe using enough to cleanse with is key too.  It has to be all frothy, thick and creamy in scalp mids and ends.  Oh no I'm being paged.  Hope this helped!

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Re: Hair looks better without any leave-ins?

    @geezerette  wrote:

I think you should use any product the way it works for you and however you’re happy with it.



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Re: Hair looks better without any leave-ins?

Believe it or not I only do one shampoo and then just rinse it out and I never use to leave-in. My hair is always beautiful. I live in South Florida so I do wash my hair every day.


Yes, I have tried all the other stuff and have tried leave-in on many occasions. But it always makes my hair feel coated and dull. I prefer the nice clean fluffy look I get with just one shampoo.