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Ginger Pumkin vs Pumkin Pecan Larre

I want to get seasonal oils   It's been a minute since I've had the ginger Pumpkin and never tried the pecan latte 

I like to wear the oil more than overnight which scent would be more wearable ?

i realized when I put the oils for night treatment the scent stays for a bit and it's not always a night friendly scent if that makes sense 


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Re: Ginger Pumkin vs Pumkin Pecan Larre



Hi, I have the Ginger Pumpkin CC, ancillary products, including the NBT cream. I do not have the oil. So my comments are based on the products I have on hand.


I don't get alot of dominate pumpkin fragrance after using this scent. What stands out on me are the fall spices. These are so popular now as the season changes. For me and on me I prefer these spicy notes in cooler temps and going forward thru the holidays and the early winter months.


I do not own the Pecan Latte yet but plan on purchasing tomorrow am when Chaz is on air. All that I've seen/read so far is its like a Pecan Latte coffee beverage with a similar fragrance in the products currently available. Personally, I am excited to try this scent and find it to be quite inviting. I believe this will be pleasant for much longer than just the fall and winter months. I regret not being able to offer much more than my anticipation on PL at this time but hopefully others will share their thoughts with you too.

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Re: Ginger Pumkin vs Pumkin Pecan Larre

I really am
Not a fan of the fall pecan latte. It is very weird smelling, very coffee/nut forward and no spice. I love most of his fall winter scents but the pecan latte is a huge no for me. But I am not a fan of coffee so that might be the issue.

I also did not like the winter chocolate truffle. It’s super icky sweet, very heavy on fake chocolate smell with the added fake caramel scent. I actually expected a complex scent when he released both of those and they are both a huge no way for me. Sticking with the other fall and winter scents. Also really hoping he or Q doesn’t retire any of the others to keep these no ones.