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I hope everyone that is close enough to feel the effects of this hurricane have plans in motion. I should be far enough inland depending on where it actually hits. If we take a direct hit we may need to move in a bit more.


Stay safe everyone!

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@nikki48 I hope you and your family stay safe and sound until this storm passes.  I live on Long Island and hoping it will have weakened a lot if it reaches this far north.  The poor Haitians - I'm amazed there is anything left of that poor island.


Best wishes and prayers for everyone's safety.



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@nikki48 - We put the hurricane shutters up this afternoon. Looks like we will be leaving tomorrow sometime. I have my dog and an African Grey Parrot to take with me. What a ride that's going to be! 


I was so hoping this thing would take a turn out to sea instead of further west. 


Sure don't want the ocean knocking on my door!

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It will be a close call, watching it very carefully. I may not have power for a few days depending how this goes. See you all on the other side!

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wow everyone stay safe!!

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Praying for everyone's safety and well being🙏👼🙏

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Praying For Everyone's Safety Too!!!!  


Thank you @nikki48 for this alert.

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My in-laws live in Hilton Head. They are in their 80's and my Father-in-Law just had surgery last week. My mother-in-law is not a good driver and they are going get in all the traffic to leave, after of course, they find someone to put the shutters on their windows. Honestly! They may wait too long...

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Re: East Coast Wenners

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I'm leaving in @ an hour to join a caravan heading south to help evacuate animals.  


There are @ 10 to 12 of us who have done this for a good while.  (ALL WOMEN!!)   Thank goodness DH drives a big SUV so I'll have that.  We drive alone to leave as much room in our cars for animals as we can, so it's good to go in a caravan since most of our drive is at night.  Southern shelters have been pulling and sending animals North almost all day.  We'll meet them coming this way, head back North with them till we find a safe shelter, pass them into waiting arms, and then, turn around head back for more.


We'll get as close as we can which should be very close right now.  A few of us are certified to set up emergency shelters, so we will do that if needed.  Never know.


@riley1, I know you are in the line for it, so take no risks!  Can you put a sleep hood over the birdie?


Everyone be safe and hold hands.


Bless the animals, they have no voice, they have no choice.  Heart

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Drythe, I don't know what to say.  You'll have a huge reward waiting for you and the others.  What a heroic thing to do.  God bless you and your fellow helpers. XO