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Allure Beauty Swag box

For those who don't know, the Allue Beauty Swag box is $50 plus shipping, but it contains all full size products.  For May it has two full size WEN items, plus a comb.


All items are previewed.  Thanks to a tip on this board, I ordered the October box, and there were two substitutions (neither was one of the WEN products).





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Re: Allure Beauty Swag box

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I entered "Allure Beauty Swag Bag" into the search bar and got

91 results.

Could you narrow it down for us?



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Re: Allure Beauty Swag box

Hi @Michele5004.  Is that the same thing as the "test tube" thingy they used to have?  I'm just not familiar with what you're talking about.  I'm curious.  I had gotten some Wen stuff from there but it was a few years back.  Maybe that don't have that anymore.

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Re: Allure Beauty Swag box

Anyone received their May Swag box yet? I'm still waiting. I ordered mine right when the offer came out, about a month a ago. We are in June now.....concerned. Contacted customer service and they only stated that when it ships they will send me an email.....