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Re: 4 pc lip kit with dry oil

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@VanillaBeans I ordered the Sheer Tint set on June 2nd & it showed up as 319 in the Order Status up until yesterday. Yesterday it was showing 613 all day...just looked again & it's back to being 319. I'm with you & @Tennessee Vol...I would be happy to receive either at this point (but I'm hoping it's 319). Smiley Happy



This is so strange... I find it interesting that QVC has a picture of the kit in 613 as well as 319. I wonder if 4 kits should have been offered with the ODO on 6/2? I remember Chaz saying that you have the choice of 319 or 613 which I thought was odd at the time but now looking back I wonder if that was the intention. My order is still showing backorder in the 319.


@Tennessee Vol 


It is strange. That could very well be that maybe there were supposed to be 4 offerings. I remember that the description on the product page said 613 for both the dry oil & UNIBT, but the picture was of 319 products.


The presentation that I saw was the one he did with Sandra Bennett I think. Somewhere about halfway through she said to Chaz something like "Just to be clear, all of these come with the 319?" And Chaz said "Yes"...at least that's what I think he said...lol! They always go through everything so quickly, it's sometimes hard to catch exactly what it was they said. I do remember that 319 were the only ones shown & demonstrated during that particular presentation.


I'm not sure why there are pics of the kit in both 613 & 319 and why mine is toggling back & forth...maybe we'll get both...(wishful thinking)! I'll be happy with whichever hopefully gets sent to me. I hope everyone gets theirs...maybe they'll all change to "In Process" when Chaz comes back to QVC. Smiley Happy



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Re: 4 pc lip kit with dry oil

Mine is back to showing 319 and still on backorder Smiley Sad strange indeed
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Re: 4 pc lip kit with dry oil


I ordered the sheer tint and received 613 in the dry oil and the Travel UNIBT. I am beyond happy with the sheer tint (already had translucent), it is so pretty on lips and cheeks, and with the 613, especially in the UNIBT.