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We have a TSV coming 10/9 - BAM!  Have no clue what it is, but I'm gettin' it!

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Woo hoo, thank you, @SurferWife for posting about this!  It may be a little later than usual. but at least we are getting a Fall TSV this year!  I guess all those "last days of August" purchases we made helped Chaz prove his worth to the bigwigs at the Q.  I am glad they came to their senses!  I, like you, plan to order, unless it turns out to be something in his line that I simply cannot use.  I look forward to some of our sleuths finding out more info, I hope it's something really great!

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I wish he would do something special that only includes the nourishing body treatment.  He had some great deals for 32 oz. conditioner plus the body treatment and I picked up 3 of those, but now I'm overflowing with conditioner.  Would love a good deal on just the body treatment.  

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Hope it includes the new fall and winter stuff!!!!  Thank you for the heads up, SurferWife!


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@SurferWife - Thanks for that tidbit. This is why we need Dooters to come back - always had good hints forus.


Maybe we could train the Angels to give us some hints.

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Thanks for info...was checking. Hope he includes a floral...dont like smelling like fruit!
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I'm actuallly on Instagram now, so I'll keep my eyes posted.  Of course, it's still a month away, so from the wise words of Dooters...hold your horses ladies!

It isn’t how long you live that matters; it is how well you are prepared to die.
~~Colonel Robert B. Thieme, Jr.
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@SurferWife Put Toby on it. I bet he has a keen nose! And handsome too. Heart

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Anyone hear anything yet?  I am not a FB user so just hoping someone will hear soon..Smiley Happy

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3 32oz CC in either Sweet Almond Mint

or 3 in Tea Tree

or 3 in Lavender for under $75


OR 319, 613, and Indigo


OR Winter White Forest, Wild Berry, Vanilla Mint 


Free Shipping on first shipment


I heard this on his FaceBook Live Monday 9/14 around 11:30pm. 

I'm not 100% this is completely accurate but it's close (I had a lot going on at home when I was listening to this).