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Re: air bb or a hotel

I've done both.  If it is just the two of us, we stay in a hotel room or resort condo.  If it is with our family, we stay in an air bb.  My husband and I most enjoy a condo, where we can just have our coffee and toast in the morning, or a quick sandwich/salad at lunch.  We splurge on one meal a day at a nice restaurant, and are willing to make something easy for the other two meals.

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Re: air bb or a hotel

@itsmagic wrote:

If it is just my husband and I, we will stay in a hotel. But the past three summers our whole family (9 total) has rented a house for a week and split the cost between adult members.  Ends up being cheaper for our group than a hotel and being able to sometimes eat in helps too. 

@itsmagic   This is what we do. We have stayed with extended family in a few states renting the whole house. The homes are gorgeous. We are getting a home in New England for five days over Thanksgiving and cooking our Holiday meal there. It is a home from the 1700’s and is beautiful. Can’t wait. There will be seven of us.

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Re: air bb or a hotel

HOTEL every time.  

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Re: air bb or a hotel

It depends on where I'm going. When we went to Napa, we rented a house.  We did the same when we went to Lake Keuka in the Fingerlakes region.  Those are not places I'd want to rent a hotel.  


When we went to Las Vegas, NYC and Nashville, we rented a hotel.       

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Re: air bb or a hotel

Had my first experience staying at airB&B last month in Ohio. The home was modest but it was clean and the beds were comfortable. The owners probably bought the house just to rent out because it was sparcely furnished but comfortable. There were just the three of us and it was nice to be together to talk or watch tv in the evenings. We ate all meals out but there was a small kitchen. For me it was better than being in just a hotel room.

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Re: air bb or a hotel

We used Home Away for our vacation in Europe. I would do it again with a bit more research. First 2 nites were in a Hotel w amazing breakfast included.  We had a car  and covered a good geographical area (Austria and Bavaria).   We enjoyed our mornings, having our coffee and breakfast with no maids bugging us to clean the rooms. Made sanwiches to take for lunches. I didn't mind doing a bit of laundry, i do mine and he does his own. There were nice markets nearby for food shopping (Aldi and Edeka) and wine and we had dinners out.

There were a few surprises. Vienna was way outside the city center, but we managed ok.   2nd  place upgraded the apartment for us. it was a tiny first floor apt. with a closet kitchen and i was like NO WAY. So we got a 2nd floor apt with full kitchen and awesome mountain view. Cable and wifi.  Lots of big windows and we could walk everywhere and short drives to castles. This was in a tiny Bavarian village where speed skaters train in the winter.

The last place we stayed was on a farm close to where DH was stationed in the military. He chose that area which was an easy drive to his former Army base and nearby attractions. He insisted on that b&b.  The owner was a bit difficult, she would only accept wire transfer to book  ( cards which the other places accepted). Would not stay there again, the beds were like cement and  there was no comfortable seating and what was left out of description - They owned and boarded horses and the huge windows in our accommodations caught the shall we say, horsey aromas.


We had a great time and i'd do it again in a heartbeat!

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Re: air bb or a hotel

@ Miimosa
Your experience in Bavaria/Austria was a lovely read. Had to chuckle with your description of the farm experience. A few years ago we stayed on a working farm in Bavaria that was a dairy farm. We were awakened with mooing if cows waiting to be milked. I think we also shared bathrooms with next room. We still laugh over it.