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Rocky Top you'll always be home sweet home to me.. Good ole Rocky Top, Rocky Top Tennessee... Rocky Top Tennessee
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I would find a shoe store that sells hiking shoes for unevn ground. 

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I’ve been there. Recommend hiking boots for trails and sneakers for down time. Enjoy.
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I prefer Sketches, but whatever you bring, take a few pairs of different types of supportive sandals/sneakers and change shoes twice daily. ,

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Re: Walking shoe suggestion

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  • Walking Company, Abeo line or Dansko walking shoe.

Clark's unstructured -  I got a pair of lace ups a few years ago that are awesome for walking as well as hiking

Merrill - I put over 10 miles a day in a three week trip and my Mary Janes were great. 


Fit and support crucial.  I like sketchers but I don't think they are what you are looking for. Easy Spirit clogs are great but not if you are doing any distance and certainly not in uneven areas.

Not an expert but going from experience.  Happy travels