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Re: Vegas Hotel Recommendations

Have been a few times to LV. Love it out there. I don't know your taste or budget. However, I've stayed at the Rio (off strip - must count cabs to get to strip), but very nice place - had a blast. Last time I spent a long weekend at the Bellagio. Amazing. Also Caesar's. Both right in the middle of the action. Also the Venetian seemed nice, but I didn't actually stay there. There's so much to choose from and so much new out there now, but I would absolutely recommend staying close to the action. 

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Re: Vegas Hotel Recommendations

Paris & the Venetian are my two favorites!! 

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Re: Vegas Hotel Recommendations

Going during the the week is cheaper vs staying through a friday or saturday.  The rates are cheaper.  Check out Auto Club for rates.  Don't know what your budget is but again staying through week is cheaper at all of the properties.  We liked the Wynn, Luxor, Bellagio and the Paris.

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Re: Vegas Hotel Recommendations

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Of all the hotels we've stayed at in Vegas, first choice would be Bellagio, then Venetian.  Haven't stayed at the Palazzo but it's a twin of the Venetian.  


The Mirage is also a good choice.  Caesar's, IMO, is too big.


If you want to stay off Strip, South Point is a good choice.  

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Re: Vegas Hotel Recommendations

Can't go wrong with Bellagio.

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Re: Vegas Hotel Recommendations

I was there about a month ago and stayed at Paris. It is across from the Bellagio and was pretty nice. I found that food has gotten very expensive there so I was glad to have a fridge in the room. I was able to pick up a sandwich and bottles of water at the CVS next door that was markedly less expensive for lunch or a snack. Have a great time no matter what or where you stay.

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Re: Vegas Hotel Recommendations

We have been very pleased with The Mirage. We like the location, the pool is lovely, and the service is great. I also like the theme/decor of The Mirage.

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Re: Vegas Hotel Recommendations

@Mz iMac wrote:

I don't know what part of the country you live in but, in the NE you can get great combination deals - plane fare/hotel/casino hotel.  Some include include meals & shows.


I take quarterly trips to Vegas but I always go through my travel agent since I always stay 7-8 nights which are tacked on to Vegas regular 3-4 night combination deals.


On & off strip hotels are pretty nice in my personal experience.  My favorite on strip casino/hotels are.....





Off strip

Rio All-Suites Hotel and Casino


Old Vegas

Fremont Hotel & Casino


Mother's Day week I & my daughter stayed at the Bellagio thanks to my SIL.  Now that place is drop dead gorgeous & expensI belive.  I suspect my daughter & I were comped as SIL is a regular & member.


Truth be told, I have never had a bad Vegas hotel experience.


Hopefully, others can provide more helpful info and/or stayed in more hotels than I have on or off the strip.

     I believe they imploded the Riviera.   Back in the old days, I loved staying there.    


I like Bally's &  Mirage for location and overall good everything.  


I also like the Venetian.


Love Aria.   


I haven't been in about 6-8 years but there are so many new places since then.   Check those out.

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Re: Vegas Hotel Recommendations

I have been to Vegas at least 100 times in last 35 years as it is driveable for me.  Since they started charging for parking at many/most hotels in strip I stay off the strip at hotels with free parking.  Most of these hotels have free shuttles to strip.  Lately I've stayed at Rio, Orleans, Hard Rock and Alexis Park.  The Orleans and the Hard Rock have great deals and have many restaurants on site.

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Re: Vegas Hotel Recommendations

I go there a couple of times a year.  I've stayed at the MGM, New York, Ballys, Cesears, Wynn, and downtown.  I personally don't like downtown.  It's crowded and the hotels are old.  It depends on what your budget is.  Everything on the strip is expensive from rooms to food.  A burger  and fries will cost $20.  Taxis are expensive.  It costs $30 to go roundtrip about one mile.  Forget the tram, it's not worth the hassle.  I love the Wynn.  It's gorgeous and clean and caters to the more mature crowd.  But it's too far from the action to walk.  I prefer the middle of the strip for location because you can walk to the other hotels.  That would be Ballys, Bellagio, Cesears, Flamingo, Planet Hollywood, Venetian, Paris, Cosmopolitan.  The Rio is across the freeway and not within walking distance.  I'd decide what shows you want to see and then set your base camp close to there.  Did I say Taxis are expensive?  So is parking, about $20 a day and no in and out option.  Be sure to book your reservation in the "new" or renovated section of whichever hotel you choose.  Many of them still have the older wings but have renovated other wings.