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Hi @World Traveler


I was curious about breakfast in the hotels in Japan?  I know you mentioned in your post about bacon and eggs but wondered if you ever had more of a traditional Japanese breakfast?

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@itsmagic In the hotels where we stayed, we had a choice of American or Japanese. Each breakfast was buffet style, so I took some from each section, mixing the Japanese love of vegetables and rice with my American yogurt, fruit, croissant, granola, some dry cereals, etc.


They are big soup eaters, so there was always soup for breakfast, mainly miso soup.


But I didn't want to eat the jellied items they had; wasn't quite sure what they were, even when there were labels on everything! ha!


They also have available for breakfast a lot of seasonings and sauces I didn't find pleasing to look at to even try.


I guess you would call the American food at the hotel breakfasts more closely aligned with what we call a continental breakfast. 


I always had enough to eat for breakfast, although it was quite repetitious if you stay with only the American breakfast and not venture out to try the Japanese food.