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Spain and Portugal?

Thinking of next European trip. Any thoughts on Spain and Portugal?  I don't know much about the two countries.  What are some highlights to see and do?

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Re: Spain and Portugal?

@honeybuns- I have never been to these countries but I have friends who have and enjoyed both places.


Off topic- How was your trip to Europe?

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Re: Spain and Portugal?

Portugal is awesome I loved Porto so much histoy and all the Tile work and than there is all the Port Wine. Sintra is beautiful and lots to see lots of Palaces. I got on the Red Hop on Hop off Bus for about 20 Euros a Day it will take you out to Cabo Da Roca the most western point of Europe. Than to Lisbon and Belem. 

It was on awesome trip can recomend it highly. I will go back next Year

Have a save and enjoyable trip.

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Re: Spain and Portugal?

I have been fortunate enough to have gone  to both of these countries.  I actually preferred Portugal - I thought the whole country was quite interesting; especially Porto and the Algarve coast - Lisbon too.  In Spain I would go back again to Seville and Barcelona but not Madrid - just not that interesting for me.  Enjoy whichever place you decide to visit. 

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Re: Spain and Portugal?


I've been to both.  Where are you planning on going in Spain?  Each region is very different and have very different things to offer )beach, historic, countryside etc).  Do you know the area you might visit?  Also the end of Aug. is when Europeans travel and some of the more typical tourist areas are more pricy and CROWDED.

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Re: Spain and Portugal?


I lived in Spain for a year, and I visited Portugal.  I lived in Sevilla, in Andalucía, in the south of Spain.  There are many day/night trips within a 1-3 hour radius from there.  Córdoba, Granada, Jerez, Cadiz, Ronda, etc.  In my opinion, it is worth it to see Granada and Sevilla, if you can.  Barcelona is in the north, and there is a lot of interesting architecture (by Antoni Gaudí) if you can make it there.   The bullet train (AVE) is good for getting around between Sevilla + Madrid or Madrid + Barcelona. 

If you go in the summer to the South it will be 100+ there, so be forewarned!

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Re: Spain and Portugal?

I have vacationed in Spain's Costa del Sol in Torremolinos.  Beautiful sandy beaches for miles and miles.  The people are very friendly and you can take small day trips to Malaga to sightsee or go to a bull fight. 

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Re: Spain and Portugal?

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Never been but I've heard (and seen) raves about both; Portugal especially is on my fantasy travel list. 

You should Google-search them for reviews, tips, and recommendations, in addition to the information you'll gain here.

BTW, if you love seafood you'll love Portugal.

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Re: Spain and Portugal?


So much history in two beautiful countries! 

There is just TOO much to see and do!


Yes, you can see them both, depending on your itinerary and your travel time. You may want to investigate tour companies to have everything organized in advance.


I, too, have lived in Spain (studied in the university), traveled there a few times after that, and have driven and taken trains all over both countries.


In Madrid is the great plaza as well as the palace of the king and queen and the famous Prado museum.


Barcelona has the architectural church masterpiece La Sagrada Familia.


The Alcazar castle in Segovia along with the aqueduct are very famous sites.


Magnificent cathedrals can be found in Santiago de Campostela, the lovely town of Toledo, and exquisite Sevilla.  While in Granada, don't miss the gorgeous gardens of the Generalife in the Alhambra, created by the Moors when they invaded in the 13th century.


Portugal has many lovely towns to visit right outside of Lisbon such as Evora, Sintra and the palace of Queluz.


The coastal beaches are popular places to visit in both countries.


Many varieties of wine, delicious tapas in the bars, flamenco guitar music and dancing, gorgeous handcrafted tiles are just a few of the pleasures of life in the Iberian peninsula.


I have named  just a few of the highlights. If your budget allows, consider staying in paradores and pousadas--castles and monasteries coverted into modern hotels.


I am ALWAYS ready for a visit to these wonderful countries!  BUEN VIAJE!





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Re: Spain and Portugal?

Depending on how long you have, I might suggest doing them separately.  There is so much to see and do in each of these countries they each deserve their own trip.