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Re: Real ID or passport ?

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I ordered a new ID passport, but it won't arrive for another three months. I didn't want to spend $ 110 on renewing it, so I made a new one, but I realize it would've been cheaper if I extended it.

Josee, Brown

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When my license was up, DMV was on lockdown. I just renewed on line, but they wouldn't upgrade me to real or enhanced. I figured just renew it without any upgrades because I didn't want my license expiring, with all that was going on. I will not upgrade to real id until the next renewal because I have a passport and passport card which will work in government buildings just as well. It's too much of an expense for all these documents! I'm glad the passport card will do double duty when I am called for jury duty. 

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I have a passport but decided to get New York's special ID. I'm going next week to supply the DMV with all that they wanted. I found my birth certificate, my driver's license (with photo), my passport, and other ID so I hope I am ready.

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It definitely depends upon your state. I like to Travel out of country so I have a passport. When it came time to renew my license the Real ID was the same price or close to the price to obtain a regular license. I decided to go with the Real ID I just read the requirements went down in person and was able to show my proof and my license was mailed out to me. Easy peasey.


On the other hand my sister in law and a very good girlfriend were not able to get there real ID on the first attempt. They both had to make a second trip to the DMV office where they were finally able to obtain the license. I think it was interpretation in both instances by the the staff in the offices.


Then I have a co-worker who was not able to get one at all. Something with her birth certificate. She ended up going with her regular license. 

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I live in California, I rushed and got my Real ID/driver's license in Feb of this year to fly domestic due to the Oct 2021 deadline.  Then come to find out, they had extended the deadline to Feb 3, 2023, nonetheless, glad I took care of this issue, dealing with the DMV is a pain, everything is done on-line (proof with paperwork), then having to go to the DMV in person to take a new pix, and pay for the new RealID/license unless you are due to have your license renewed, can do it all at once.  If you have a passport, I was under the impression that you do not need a Real ID to travel domestic.  Hope this helped.

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I've kept an up-to-date passport for 30 years. However, just this week I went to the DMV to get an ID that would allow me to fly domestically. I figured that I never forget a passport when I travel internationally. Domestically, though, I just had to show my driver's license. In a few months that won't be sufficient. I could easily forget my passport if flying within the US. With the new ID license, which I'll always carry in my wallet, I can board a plane within the US. I should add that in NY State I needed to have two items that showed my address and two that showed who I am, i.e., birth certificate and passport. Then I had to fill out a long form. I should get the new license Octember 32, if the DMV is as efficient as the USPS.

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So many closures of DMV offices near me.  Not to mention they are so poorly run they only offer real id at select dmv locations.  Government incompetence at its best.