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Re: Passport

@proudlyfromNJ wrote:

When I need mine renewed, I get a picture taken at CVS, print renewal papers from the computer, enclose all including old passport and check and send it through the mail. Receive new and old one back. No hassle at all and the only person I have to deal with is the photo taker at CVS.

That's exactly what I've done, except I get my picture taken at Walgreens. I also get a passport card as well as the booklet. I use the passport card as my ID when I fly domestically because it doesn't have my address on it like a driver's license does. I do have the enhanced license that's accepted for air travel, but I prefer to use the passport card. 

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Re: Passport

I had to renew my passport and this year I went to our County municipal building @ 9:AM.  I had no wait, no line, a lovely clerk, paid my money and my passport arrived within two weeks.  A pleasant experience 

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Re: Passport

Ohio is compliant so I'm good.


I do not have a passport.  Last year when we cruised, DH and I just used our birth certificates since we were going on a cruise that started and ended at the same US port.


I do want to get a passport though. 

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Re: Passport

Remember --= just because your STATE is compliant - does not automatically mean YOU are.    

You still have to make sure YOUR license is a Real Id  ( look for the star in the uppper rt hand corner,   or something that says ENHANCED) .


here is a link to a picture showing the difference -  ( non compliant shows  "Not Valid for Federal Use"


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Re: Passport

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Mine too, it's been laminated at least 8 years.


Actually it's made out of the same plastic a credit card is made from.

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Re: Passport

for those of you who are AAA members, you can get your passport photos at a local office.  they are free for premier members and i believe $2.95 for plus members. not sure about AAA regular members. the fees may be different depending on which area you live in.


for those who dont already have a passport, the execution fee is being raised april 1, 2018. if you want to save a few dollars, apply now.

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Re: Passport

We got our pictures taken yesterday. An.d filled out the forms today. We figure, just get the passport and then when you need it, you have it.