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@patbz wrote:
I am a world traveller ( over 80 countries and have lived in Europe and Asia). Mention this because I've been in dangerous countries, and I now include Mexico but Mexico is the only country that is now permanently off my list. When I lived in San Diego, years ago, I'd routinely drive to the border by myself, park and walk over. Never again! I've observed sandbags outside banks with guards armed with AR 15s and taxi drivers who refuse to take us to local markets. Additionally I've heard too many stories from ex pats who live there. The Cartel is real and even very recently tourist have been caught in cross fire at tourist hotspots. Not worth it; go anyplace else.

80 countries!!! It's amazing, I can't even imagine how many amazing and unique places you have seen.

What is your favorite country you've been to?

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@AnniaLars : Its so hard to answer that question, as I've loved so many. Among my favorites are Germany,Italy, S.Korea, Peoples Republic of China, Taiwan, Vietnam. The place I truly disliked was Aruba ( I was there for two weeks); it has no native food, not much to see except U.S. outpost restaurants and condos.  We stayed on a beautiful beach and saw the sea turtles hatch and go to the sea. It was even difficult to buy a nice locally made remembrance.

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I went to Mexico in 2011 for 6 days on a religious tour. The couple operating the tour took great care of their charges.

Mexico City remained me of a old European city.


JMO, it is just not the time to travel everywhere.