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Re: Luggage Recommendations.... wanting to pack efficiently

Husband and I each take a small wheeled 21"suitcase which we check.  We have one wheeled carry-on between us.  I also carry a large tote bag and put my purse, tablets and book for the flight inside.  On the tote is an outside pocket which unzips at the bottom so it can slide over the telescoping handle of the carry-on.  So much easier to deal with while traipsing through the airport.


When packing divide your clothes so you each have some in both suitcases.  Should one case go missing you have enough clothes to get by for a day or 2.  Our carryon also has a clean shirt and underwear for each of us as well as necessities such as prescriptions.


Find out if the airline allows one carry-on and one personal item such as a purse in the cabin.

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Re: Luggage Recommendations.... wanting to pack efficiently

You don't need a lot of clothes for Hawaii or any cruise, short of a world cruise.  Use light weight, color coordinate and hand washable.  I accessorize to expand my options.

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Re: Luggage Recommendations.... wanting to pack efficiently

@bonnielu- What ever size suitcase and carry-on you already have will be suffecient.  You're travelling domestically so there is no size limit on suitcases as there are for international flights.  Just remember the weight requirement is 50lbs unless you're flying first class.


I believe you're not departing until May, so there is ample time to prepare.


Always remember never pack more than you can carry.  And there are laundry facilities on the cruise ship.

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Re: Luggage Recommendations.... wanting to pack efficiently

When I pack for a trip out of the country, I try to remember that no one else knows me where I'm going. Makes it easier to take less clothes and not worry about someone seeing me more than once in the same outfit! 


On the other hand, my sister always takes enough clothes to wear something different every day. I can travel with just a carry-on if I want; just depends upon the weather. To me, layering your clothes is the most important. 

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Re: Luggage Recommendations.... wanting to pack efficiently

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I am also cruising to Hawaii but next October. I will be going on a Panama Canal cruise this February. I have a large 29" Travelpro suitcase that holds more than 50lbs if I'm not careful. I also have a 21 inch wheeled Travelpro carryon and an underseat bag that either wheels or can be piggybacked on the carryon. All my essentials are in the underseat bag as I check the other 2 as soon as I get to the cruise terminal. DH only takes a large suitcase.

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Re: Luggage Recommendations.... wanting to pack efficiently

You are going to a warm climate so the clothing you bring will NOT be bulky - so your 1 checked bag should be plenty. It is more packing light than packing efficiently. I tend to pack light and go. I went on a 10 day trip to Europe with a expanded carryon which I checked. Granted I packed so light that I had to buy socks when I went to the alps in Switzerland. I didn't pack any or shoes. Thought I was going to be at ground level and decided to take an excursion to the top of the alps - my bad.


Enjoy - you will have a grand time - Aloha!

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Re: Luggage Recommendations.... wanting to pack efficiently

Since this is supposed to be a relaxing vacation, I would just pay the $25 for one checked bag (or $50 if you think you'll need 2 bags due to the 50 lb weight limitation) and just take your purse and another small duffle with some personal items that you both need for the plane.


If you are connecting, you will have to load and unload those carry ons and schlep through the airport with all these bags.  If the plane is late or you miss your connection, you will have to lug these things around with you everywhere you go.


And, less anxiety about the whole matter.



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Re: Luggage Recommendations.... wanting to pack efficiently

@World Traveler  and All,    LUGGAGE Anyone?


I recently used DH's  21inch NAVY  carry on by Amazon Basics and liked it so much I just ordered one for myself!   Amazon Prime delivered to doorstep in 2days.   $55.  


This replaces my old RED! Swiss Bag that was a 2wheel drag along and hard on my rotator cuffs/shoulders.  The Swiss Bag is a heavy 8 pounds. The new bag is around 5 pounds and is an easy breeze to maneuver. It just rolls along beside me with little effort. 


I still do NOT like balancing on those darn escalators in the airports.  EEK!   I try to locate elevators whenever  possible. 


I generally use the 21inch carry on and a generous leather tote with my micro fiber purse stashed inside the tote.  Sometimes DH checks a larger bag (American Tourister) and takes his rolling computer bag as his carry on with medications and change o clothes.  


On shorter trips I like to toss clothes in still on white plastic hangers and then move to the  hotel closet.   Not the most efficient packing but works for me!   <G> 


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