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Re: I’m leaving for the UK on Monday

I am so jealous.  We lived in Devon for 3 years and loved it.   We were on the coast in the Exmouth area.   We would move back, if we could but those nasty immigration laws just get in the way!!! 


Have a wonderful time and please let us know what all you are doing.   

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Re: I’m leaving for the UK on Monday

AJW:  There is one place I really want to visit in Devon and that is The Donkey Sanctuary in Sidmouth which is a wonderful sanctuary for abused donkeys and mules.  It is an extremely large farmland area just outside of Exeter that is home to hundreds of animals.  This organization is very caring and has sanctuaries in a few other places in the UK, and also in Spain and various Arab countries where these poor animals really need help.  Visitors are welcome at the Sidmouth sanctuary and I hear that it is a wonderful day out for any family.  My sister and brother in law visited about two years ago and were enchanted with the entire operation.


I am English and visit the UK every year, but I go to stay with my family in the North so don't get to Devon at all.  I was in Cornwall and Devon about 20 years ago and loved it and I really intend to go back, and of course to visit the sanctuary, before too long.


You can google The Donkey Sanctuary Sidmouth to read all about it.


You will be going to a beautiful part of England and I hope you have a wonderful time.