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Re: Cruise Crazies???

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We had a suicide on a Hawaii cruise.  At least the guy waited until he saw Hawaii and did it on the return to Ca.

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Nothing really crazy.   I take 1-2 cruises a year.  On most, there have been quite a few passengers who drink alcohol from sun up to sun down.  Not talking about young adults either. Smiley Tongue


Folks let their guard down during cruising.  All during cruise time, I've seen cameras, camcorders, cell phones, etc left unattended on lounge chairs, regular chairs, by the pool, casinos, restaurants/dining room, etc.  Come debarkation morning, Mad As Hell.giffolks  "claiming" the above mentioned items were stolen.  A professional thief can make a good living on cruise ships.  

"Never argue with a fool. Onlookers may not be able to tell the difference."


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Re: Cruise Crazies???

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The only thing that happened to us was that someone threw their mattress in the hallway in the middle of the night and people were having a difficult time getting around it in the morning.

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The media really overplayed the problems on the one ship.  There was no "riot."  People were upset and began chanting because they wanted off the ship and they were upset about the stops.


When you cruise, you sign documents acknowledging that the itinerary may change due to weather.  Would people rather have the cruise attempt to get to a port during weather and have other issues then?  Whether it was really that bad or not, I don't know.


I was on a Norwegian cruise last year and we were supposed to stop at their private island.  We didn't make the stop and were told it was too rough to stop. At that time, you had to take a tender to get there as there was no dock. The water wasn't really rough at all that day.  I personally think there were too many other ships there that day, some bigger than ours, so NCL made the decision not to allow us to stop there.  We just floated around at sea that day.  Were we upset about it?  I would say disappointed yes but what are you going to do?  




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@kaydee50 wrote:

@denisemb  Agree.  Cruising has definitely changed in the past 20 years. It was a great way to see many different countries, cultures easily.   Have never/would never go on a 3,000+ passenger ship but even the mid-size ones, under 2,000, have noticeable differences from when we first started cruising.  Our enthusiasm for them has gone way down and we're sticking to the land for the foreseeable future.



I went through all the ships on NCL, Royal and Carnival that are the smaller ships as we have no desire to go above about 2,500.00 people.  That greatly limits the ships and many of the smaller ships are older ships so they aren't as nice.     

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We love to cruise and will be going on another cruise in 9 days.  I haven't personally seen any crazy stuff in person. We are going on NCL Getaway to Mexico. Can't wait!  I am already thinking about the next cruise after this one. I have an NCL gift card to use up. 

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I freely admit I tend to live from Christmas to cruise to Christmas.


Next one is in March with my eldest daughter, then in September with a granddaughter, then it will be Christmas again.


I have great fun taking different family members and getting to spend time with them.  With different cabin mates every cruise is a new experience.






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@travel kitty 2 wrote:

We love to cruise and will be going on another cruise in 9 days.  I haven't personally seen any crazy stuff in person. We are going on NCL Getaway to Mexico. Can't wait!  I am already thinking about the next cruise after this one. I have an NCL gift card to use up. 

@travel kitty 2  Last year I cruised on the Getaway to Belize -- loved it!  This coming June I'm cruising on NCL's newest ship, the Encore, to Bermuda.  I'm nearly packed! Smiley LOL

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I've been on multiple cruises with several of them being on the large ships with thousands of people, not 1 have I had any of the drama mentioned in original post. Sadly, people will and can commit suicide anywhere. If the same person committed suicide at home vs not on a cruiseship, never would make the news feeds.


As for the selfie person - how many stories have there been in recent years people falling to their deaths in National Parks due to their own stupidity trying to get a better photo? There are stupid people everywhere willing to do dumb things for a photo. Sadly, these are the stories that make the news. 

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@Sooner wrote:

We have never considered a cruise.  There is nothing on a cruise ship that would interest us, and FAR too many people to deal with.  


I know lots of people who love it, but I'd maybe one who would flee the ship!  Ha ha. 

I went on a cruise many years ago...never again.  I was ready to jump out of my skin!  Too many people...and I was nauseous the whole time.  I also realized how claustrophobic I am.....Plus I really don't enjoy the water so I have no interest in ever taking another cruise....