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Does anyone have any experiences wirh Costco Travel?

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We used Costco travel for a Hawaiian vacation. Every detail was exactly as described. The cost was fantastic compared to what we had paid for previous trips to Hawaii. We would definitely use Costco travel again.


My niece used Costco travel for several different cruises. 

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@granddi  My son and his wife went to Fiji for their honeymoon from Costco and had a trip of a lifetime.  This summer they went to Hawaii using Costco.  I don't believe they have had any issues at all. 

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Friends have enjoyed their trips. The Maui trip included a vehicle. Haven't heard complaints.

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We use them anytime we need a rental car--always the best prices.  And, have used them for a few other trips--just perfect!


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Does one need to have a Costco membership to use their agency (and get their apparently good rates?) I assume yes, but I also think I heard that there are some things nonmembers could buy online, so thought I’d ask.
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I also use them for car rental. The additional driver is free, and they had the best rates when I was comparing online. I wouldn't hesitate to use them for a vacation.

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I’ve had great luck with Costco travel. Always use them for car rentals,  but also when we go to Hawaii I  just book land packages and do my own airfare( if i want specific flights). I also used them for Disney and Ireland. I find it convenient and sometimes a savings or a bonus. Plus I think you get 3 percent back if you use Costco credit 2 percent if executive member so why not. 

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We've used them for cruises, and a 16 day trip to Ireland & Scotland. So easy! No problems. We also purchase travel insurance thru them. DH as heart problems and we don't want any surprise bills. Had a potential problem with Princess cruise line on a trip to Alaska, and Costco had it fixed in minutes.  Really great to work with