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Re: Any ideas to help me get my money back?

Airlines whined to the government that the pandemic caused a "war".Delta actually used that word.To us they send messagges that their planes are super clean.

So airlines already got 25 billions of our taxpapers's money.I think they could have waited.Delta C.E.O.made about 15 millions last year.

Delta gave employees 2 months pay as a bonus last December.

Last week some senators send airlines a letter asking them to refund money.A few days later Delta extended the refunds from end of 2020 to sometime in 2021,

It is good for me,because I have to go Italy as soon as possible to visit my 90 year mom,if she will be still around.

Senators should have given 25 billions only after passengers got their money back.

We want to fly,this is not our fault.

Thankfully my daughters didn't want to go to Italy,so I only have 2 tickets (total 3.000),instead of 4 like I had last year.

We also bought Allianz insurance at 100 dollars each,but they don't work in case of pandemics.

Senators request answers from airlines by April 7th.


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Re: Any ideas to help me get my money back?

I think this tactic is disgraceful.  The airlines should refund your money.  If you paid by credit card perhaps they will be able to help.  Some companies are just so greedy.  It's not as if you cancelled your flight on a whim.

I would fight it.  Good luck.

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Re: Any ideas to help me get my money back?

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I had to cancel both a United and a Southwest flight.  I did that last week.


Both airlines have indicated on the cancellation that the credit has to be used within 1 year of the date we booked the flight.  I have the e-mail from Southwest and it specifically states that the travel must be completed by the expiration date which means that I cannot book a flight by the expiration date and fly later.


I just checked the United website and it states the same thing.  I have to travel within 1 year, not just book a flight.


I had travel insurance and I'm going to attempt to make a claim on that insurance and see what happens although there is a pandemic disclaimer.   However, I canceled my flights because the cruiseline canceled my cruise.  I'm not canceling my flight because of the pandemic.  

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Re: Any ideas to help me get my money back?

I was also planning a tour for May.  It was in the clause about not refunding for pandemic---but they graciously did!!  A blessing there!

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Re: Any ideas to help me get my money back?

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The refund requirement is only if the airline cancels your flight, not if you decide not to travel: 


@pietook, you can try appealing to United by writing a letter to them at whatever customer service contact address you can find on their website. Make sure your request is clear, to the point, and includes documentation from your physician stating that they told you not to travel. Leave out the part about being a senior citizen and that you live in TN. It's not relevant. 


You might get something more than a credit, but to be honest, I wouldn't hold my breath if I were you. If you bought a non-refundable, non-changeable ticket, they're doing more than they are obligated to do by giving you credit for your full purchase price. In most cases, they'd at least assess a $200 change fee when you voluntarily cancel your plans. And that's if they did anything at all. 


I'm sorry that's probably not what you want to hear, but the terms and conditions are all laid out in the contract of carriage provided when you buy your ticket.


I wish you the best. 

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Re: Any ideas to help me get my money back?

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You are correct if the passenger cancels no refund just credit


If the airline cancels due to stay at home order in effect then they refund.


I received email for early-mid May flights were cancelled -- I had option for credit + $50 additional voucher good til 12/20 OR refund.


I choose the credit + $50/each flight (4)  since I anticipate flying again in August  for family occasion, November family wedding & December -- so I'm keeping my fingers crossed things will be good by then.


Good luck @pietook getting a refund from them.

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Re: Any ideas to help me get my money back?

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Saw on national news this morning that a man has sued United over the refund policy.  It was a crawler across the bottom of the screen.  I have no details. 


I wanted to look to see if by chance United canceled my 4/27 flight to Fort Lauderdale.  They have not but it's down to $25.00.  LOL 

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Re: Any ideas to help me get my money back?

my understanding if airlines cancels and reschedule flight, refund is made, if passengers cancels flight, travel fund issued.  

I made plane reservations with Southwest in January for May flights.  Southwest cancelled my flights and rescheduled.  We decided to risky to travel at this time, I sent Southwest a text requesting a full refund, within 30 minutes refund issued and 4 days later credit was issued to my credit card account.   Very happy about it,


This full refund would not have happened during "normal" times,  this was an exception.

I believe since you cancelled, the airline was only required to issue a travel fund voucher.  Maybe if you formally object to the travel fund voucher via letter and phone call, maybe you can get it reversed.


Good luck.

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Re: Any ideas to help me get my money back?

I had flights to Paris on Lufthansa for Apr 29. I called today and they said the flights were cancelled and one option was a refund. Of course, they offered rebooking with additional 50 euro discount but I do not know when I will be able to travel so I asked for the refund. They said it will be 2-3 months before they issue a credit. I am not thrilled about that but I took it. I am not certain what my options would be if they did not cancel the flights - I was going to push for a refund either way but did not have to. I thought that due to the current situation airlines had to allow refunds. Good luck.

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Re: Any ideas to help me get my money back?

@pietook wrote:

Just a short version--- I am a senior citizen.  I was asked to visit someone in Hawaii---basically all I would need to pay for is flight---and any souveniers!  I purchased tickets thru United. (I live in TN).  I purchased tix JUST before this virus exploded!  The day WHO got involved, I asked my dr. ---- she promplty told me to stay home!  So, I cancelled my tix.  United will only give refund in credit to use within a year.  I doubt I will be flying United this year! LOL  So, I have $600 plus in credit.  (They did credit my credit card back for $30 baggage fee)!  I even called my credit card co. and they could not help me since United didn't cancel.  Am I stuck--- or anyone with ideas of how to get my money back?  Thanks so much!


Just a quick edit--- I cannot reschedule to go to HI as planned.  Actually, my ex-husband's, ex wife, asked me to go with her to visit their daughter whose husband is stationed in the Navy there.  Their time is up and they are now in the process of returning home.  This is odd to most people but we think of each other as bonus family!

I assume you did not take travel insurance?  I always take it, I travelled a lot and it was well worth it.  With that you could have gotten your money back especially with a doctor's note.