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In a couple of weeks my husband and I will be in Amsterdam for about a day and a half before boarding a ship for a cruise.

Can anyone suggest any special sightseeing spots that we could enjoy in that amount of time? Thanks! Woman Wink

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Re: Amsterdam

I have been to Amsterdam twice and both times I visited the Anne Frank house. It was well worth the long wait in line to get in. 

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Re: Amsterdam

We were also in Amsterdam for 2 days prior to boarding a Viking Cruise ship.  The Anne Frank house if very good and also if you like museums, the Rijksmuseum is extensive and is also very nice.  We were there in December, so we didn't do alot out doors.   The breakfast cafes are wonderful!  Good pastries and coffee.  A day trip out to the windmills would be nice.  

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Re: Amsterdam

Definately Anne Frank's house.  The windmills and museums as already mentioned.  And there is always the red light district!

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Re: Amsterdam

Your husband will enjoy a stroll down "Dam Square, De Wallen." whistling.gif

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Re: Amsterdam

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Totally agree with the Anne Frank house -- but go online and get your tickets in advance if you still can.  I have two friends who were there last week.  One got tickets in advance -- the other one did not and was  not able to get in.  80% of the tickets are sold starting two months in advance.

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Re: Amsterdam

Hey, by any chance, are you going on the Viking River Cruise?  I am going on The Vali.  We ordered our tickets for Anne Frank House on line and I agree with the rest of the sugestiions.  I am packing mostly Logo so you probably will be able to pick me out.  Have fun.

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Re: Amsterdam

If you like art you can go to Van Gogh and Rijksmuseum ( old Dutch painters).

If you are Jewish you can visit the amazing Sephardic synagogue.


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Re: Amsterdam

Just a word of caution. There are bicycles everywhere!!!

As first time visitors to the city it didn't take us long to figure

out to stay out of their way or harm could come your way!


The museum was great and we enjoyed the boat ride on the canal.

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Re: Amsterdam

We were just there in early May, and it was breezy, so take a jacket!  It is a great walking city and they have a wonderful tram system that can take you all over the city.  To make things even more convenient, you can buy tickets on the trams themselves; they have an attendant at a desk in the middle of the tram.  You will need euros, of course.  We stayed in a hotel close to the Centraal Station, where all the trams originate.


We booked a half-day trip through Trip Advisor to Zaanse Schans, which is a Dutch village about 20 minutes from Amsterdam.  It has windmills, a wooden shoe making demonstration, cheese and chocolate tasting, and Dutch architecture.  It's a bit of a tourist trap, but we really enjoyed it.  We also saw the Anne Frank house (LOTS of stairs!!!) and we were there to see the tulips in bloom at Keukenhof Gardens, which was gorgeous (only open in April and May.)  I would also recommend taking a canal boat ride, if weather permits.


Do watch out for bicycles: they are everywhere, and they have the right of way over pedestrians!  Have a great time!