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Re: vendor for barefoot dreams

The Barefoot Dreams sweaters are so comfy and cozy! 😊

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Re: vendor for barefoot dreams

@Annabellethecat66  You took the words right out of my mouth.  I am exactly the same way.  Constant interrupting and everyone talking at the same time are sure ways to get me to change the channel.  

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Re: vendor for barefoot dreams

@walkingal It's like many people are like that these days.  There was a time when I felt like I was going down that road.


I've always allowed my daughters (they're adults) to (in a kind way) tell me if they see something that's not quite right, then we'll address it.


I was interrupting too much.  I think it's very rude.  In my case (even though I'd apologize) it was like saying, "What I have to say is more important than what  YOU have to say".


I am happy to say I worked on it and I no longer do it.  Believe me, if I still did, I'd be told.  Ha!


You're never too old to learn from other's.  The problem is most people don't tell other and most people don't listen.