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$149.95 for a mirror.  Am I missing something? Who would pay that much money for a mirror?

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@Joann1218 wrote:

$149.95 for a mirror.  Am I missing something? Who would pay that much money for a mirror?


Not me!!! Smiley Tongue

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I would if the 10x manification was the whole mirror and not just a little circle.  The 10x mirror I am using now cost $129 and since I was a teen always had a really good lighted mirror.  As we age, our eyesight close is bad in most.  I want my makeup on smoothly and you can't tell if you can't see right.  I have seen so many women with unblended foundation, too much blush or lopsided eyebrows and strange eyeliner and clumpy mascara that probably is the result of using just a regular mirror with not light or inadequate lighting.   I know I couldn't apply my eye makeup without my 10x mirror.   For those who don't wear makeup or very little maybe not needed and would be seen as a ridiculous price but for the many of us who love our makeup, getting a good mirror is a no brainer.   We all have something we are willing to pay more for.

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I would also for all the exact reasons that @Pook mentioned.


Blind as a bat, need a GOOD mirror.  Mine was from BBB, cost just about that.  It is installed in the side of my cabinet.


I don't question who would buy and what people spend their money on!

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Put me in line with those who would spend that kind of money for a great, easy-to-use mirror.  That kind of mirror plus myriad magnifying glasses for reading are requirements for me to remain living independently.  That money is a gnat on the screen compared to what hiring help or moving into assisted living would cost in my part of the nation.


Besides, I spend virtually nothing on make-up -  some trade-offs make total sense - they don't make us wasteful.

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I would never pay that much for a mirror. Plus, 10x is too high a magnification.  I like 5x.  My mom had a 10x and when I used it, it made me dizzy and nauseous and I had to practically press my face up to it to be in focus.  You can do better at Bed bath and beyond probably, and use a 20% off coupon too.

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@Joann1218 wrote:

$149.95 for a mirror.  Am I missing something? Who would pay that much money for a mirror?

@you could be missing chin hairs...just saying.I find my eyesight not great these days.

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I got a great lighted pedestal mirror at Costco and I think I paid $14.95 for it (maybe $19.95 but still).  One side is 1X, and it swivels for 10X (which I need these days).  It doesn't have brightness control, but I would probably keep it at the highest brightness anyway.  It doesn't sense when I am near and turn itself on, but it's easy enough for me to press a button.  It's great, especially at 1/10th the price!

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I have this mirror.  I bought it at Nordstrom a few years ago, and I absolutely love it.  It was well worth the money for me.  We all have our priorities.  

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If you think that's bad, Simplehuman just announced they have a smart mirror with google assist, coming next spring, and the total package is somewhere around $700. Just the mirror part is $400 and then the google assist is extra. It's called the Sensor Mirror Hi-Fi and the Sensor Mirror Hi-Fi Assist.



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