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Love mine so much I'm trying to talk myself out of buying a back up Smiley Happy 

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@SilleeMee wrote:

If you think that's bad, Simplehuman just announced they have a smart mirror with google assist, coming next spring, and the total package is somewhere around $700. Just the mirror part is $400 and then the google assist is extra. It's called the Sensor Mirror Hi-Fi and the Sensor Mirror Hi-Fi Assist.



"Hey Google"


@SilleeMee Oh great! They can monitor what you’re doing in the bathroom now.😄

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Ok, all just might talk me into it! Smiley Tongue

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I'm with the OP, $150 seems like way too much money for a mirror.  I have poor eyesight to begin with but won't invest that much money.  DH would be pretty ticked as well if I spent that much on a mirror.

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@dex wrote:


@joann1218 wrote:

$149.95 for a mirror.  Am I missing something? Who would pay that much money for a mirror?

@you could be missing chin hairs...just saying.I find my eyesight not great these days.







Ain't it the truth!


I need to install a TSV mirror at work!  It is a scientific fact, they grown in 20 mins.


Cuz when I leave home for work, they are not there...get to work 20 mins. later and, Dang!

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One can buy a magnified lighted make-up mirror on Amazon for a whole lot less.


Just sayin'.

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