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I got the Holiday scents.  When i first opened the box the candles smelled nice.  When I lit them there is NO SMELL.  I tried them all and several times.  I wil give them one more light and if they still don't smell, back they go.  Has anyone had this problem with the Gourmand scents?

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Re: slatkin TSV

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Inside, light the candle and leave it burning several hours to create a fragrant burn pool. Some scents are enhanced when released from solid to liquid form.


Our brain can block a scent, and we no longer smell it.


To see if that's what's happening, take one of the un-lit candles outside and breathe the fresh air for 30 seconds before bringing the candle up to your nose.

Still no smell? Send it back.

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I gave up on his candles, last year,just not good quality.

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@bargainsgirl   Thanks for posting this info.  I have been hit and miss with these candles so I hesitate to order further.  @x Hedge has a point, try letting them burn for a few hours to see if that makes a difference.  And as I always say in candle discussions, try in an electric tart burner if you have one.  

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I bought the Gourmand also.  I don't have any faith in his candles anymore, but tried these because they were not necessarily Christmas scents.  I have been burning the fig and wild raspberry for a few days and I can smell it after I walk out of the room for a while and walk back in.  Your nose gets use to the scent after you are in the room with the scent.  I do like these Gourmand scents but will not spend the money on any of his other candles.  I always buy my candles from Bath & Body.  Whether they still have his old White Barn scents or not, they are still better and cheaper.

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I find his candles to be very expensive.  I don't like cheap candles but there are good quality ones out there for much less$$$.   Not a big fan.

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I got the gourmand set, love them.  All except for 1 was really fragrant upon smelling not lit.  I have not lit them yet, will do that probably this week, but the initital smells are great.  My fave is bath and body works candles

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I wasn't impressed with the Gourmand scents at all. No smell in the new scents, the retiring scents were better but overly sweet. A lot of people loved them so I can't figure it out?? Haven't burned the Holiday scents yet, but I love the White Birch so that's why I purchased two sets. I think he re-pursposes scents and re-labels them thinking we don't know the difference. Honestly, the quality is not the same as it was. His other  line Scentworx is available in Kohl's and found those to be much better! 

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@CharlyGeorge I did burn the White Birch, could not resist.  The scent was wonderful and the throw you could smell all over my house.  Haven't tried the others yet but unlit they do seem strong.  We'll see - waiting till after Thanksgiving to give them a try.

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I am very disappointed with them as well. No smell unless I am standing right on top of them when lit.  I alreafy cancelled the auto delivery.