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pocketbooks from same gentleman

Does QVC sell anything else but this gentleman's pocketbooks. They are so overpriced and I do not carry a pocketbook. A thief can snap that handle faster than you can blink with a scissor. Not safe. I rarely watch and usually go to the website and he is always on. Glad he is American making a living, but borrrrrrrrrrrring!!! Those callers, are they employees in the back raving?! I just see way overpricing. I did break down and buy this flexidrain (made by an U.S.A. plumber). I got that as a Chrismas present for me and a relative. I think that is the coolest thing and pricing was not too bad although do hate s&h.

Well to each their own but this economy not being good. I have no money for most of the stuff on qvc and get them cheaper at the 99 cent store or Costco.