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Re: philosphy pump problems on perfume



I don't think for a second that using up to the last bit makes you sound "cheap".....and if anyone thinks you are if you do so, TOUGH!!!!



I do the same with the ProNamel toothpaste that costs so much. I use it all the time, in case it ISN'T a gimmick to make my teeth stronger or last longer ( I suspect a LOT of stuff is gimmicks today, but I hedge on this because it's my TEETH!!!) 


There's a TON of toothpaste left near the cap and along the inside of that tube, even if you squeeze it and fool with it to death!!! I use it up same as you do!



I also rinse out dressing bottles, ketchup bottles, shampoo and detergent bottles etc. to get the last drop. I put  dressings  into stews and any meal that has gravy or juice. Surprising how good it makes it taste. Also you can put white dressings in potatoes as you mash them.


Amazon wraps stuff in MILES of brown paper from a roll. I flatten it out and save some long pieces of it to lay down if someone has to walk thru my garage or home to get to the basement door ( like a recent plumbers). You have NO IDEA where they last stepped ( Think sewage in basements at thier last emergency). Also..they had to take the OLD water heater out with a hand truck. So that paper keeps mess off the floor. Then it gets used to start a stick fire-I live rural and there are always tons of sticks from my trees to burn...


Amazon also use bubble plastic and thin foam type packing in sheets. I use that to stuff the cracks around my attached garage doors in winter in my older home( there is always places where air can infiltrate around those doors. They face north and that's where the cold and snow wind comes from). One door never gets opened cause I only have one car. The active door I only use on good days to go that stuffing really helps. It's amazing how flexible that foam sheeting is!!...Spring comes, then I toss that sheeting!


I wash aluminum foil that has only been used to cover something, especially if it didn't touch what it covered. I use it til it's too messy to clean or doesn't get easily cleaned.


I use ALL wide mouthed plastic containers from Coffee, Tide Pods, etc for waste removal for the cat tray. ...heavy plastic with tight lids...YES!!


Yesteday I got Rastelli cod with two dry ice packs in it...just long plastic bags..perfect for waste removal after the ice melted...( the cod was frozen rock solid and there was still dry ice in those bags...well done QVC!).


The styrofoam box the cod and salmon comes in? I have two in my SUV for cold stuff from the store. Those insulated bags they sell on QVC are nice, but these boxes are FREE so why not use them? Tight lids, clean, why not?


I use ANY good plastic bag for waste from cats, veggie peelings, etc.


And when I got to Walmart, I confess...I put all the meat and veggies in thier plastic bags that they have for that purpose...more "ffree" waste removal bags for my two cats.....


I never used to be like this. My motto was "who cares about reuse..I can afford it!!!!"?  But I've changed- not so much because of cost ( although that's a big part) but I want to do my tiny part to minimize waste.


I try to think of what everything can be used for before I toss it. I won't and do not hoard, but I will re-use and repurpose. ESPECIALLY plastic stuff.


I draw the line at reusing TP!!!! ( JOKE!!!!)..


Hope you can use some of my ideas!!!!






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Re: philosphy pump problems on perfume

I kinda went off topic...


Here's some recent "Issues" with stuff from QVC"


Beekman Snow Forest gift set...the pump on the hand/body wash leaked product all over the inside of the box. I don't think it was on tight. 


Beekman Soap Paste...that tube is not convenient to dispense the product from. So far, the tube had held up ( there are quite a few burst crimp end comments) but when I read those review, I now hold that crimp end when I squeeze the tube. I WILL be cutting that tube open to get the last of it out. Won't buy again.


Beekman soaps in general have very weak scent. I LIKE the soap, but the scents are very weak. I HOPE they are not just putting all the same scent soap in different wrappers....The liquid products hold the scent in their bottles, but do not last on the skin.


I have never ordered Philosophy, but I see like complaints about thier  weak scents.


For little screw caps I can't get off, I use an old fashioned nut cracker. Dressing bottles that are welded shut, soda tops, etc.



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Re: philosphy pump problems on perfume

Wow! @Othereeen. Those are some good tips for helping to save our environment by reusing/recycling. I will certainly borrow some of those. And I agree about Philosophy scents not lasting. I recall someone saying that happened when the company was purchased by Coty. I used to like Pure Grace but I refuse to pay good money for watered down perfume. I’ve also wanted to buy Amazing Grace to gift but I’d be too embarrassed by it no longer smelling like a beloved fragrance. I know that companies are out to make money, but if they provide a good product, the consumers will buy it. I guess that’s not a big issue to them right now. But I’m also curious and may purchase a Philosophy fragrance from Ulta or Sephora just to see if there’s any difference as to what the Q sells.
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Re: philosphy pump problems on perfume

Didnt buy the recent TS, but I have a ton of Phil fragrqnces, and find this is a common issue. Have a couipe of older ones that no longer squirt.