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A398445 philosophy 5-piece purity & micro delivery facial cleansers for everyone  $79.94

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Re: philosophy TSV 5/22

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great price!  just ordered 2 sets for my daughter......thanks....just cancelled my final auto-delivery which was $98 for less product!

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A-458152 philosophy 5-pc purity & micro delivery facial cleanser kit Auto-Delivery $79.94

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i use to use purity for a longtime,  i felt like it didnt do anything for my skin, so i switched back to my other line that i used years and years ago.. but i do love the microdelivery face wash.. its a real good exfoliant! that i do miss and im going to order it. but the purtiy did nothing for me

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I cheated --  ordered the TSV without watching any presentation.



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I tried Purity a few years ago when it was a TSV, wasn't impressed.  Didn't do that great a job of removing my make-up at the end of the day.