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For the weekends off, the point is to start making healthy choices on your own. Not to go hog-wild and negate everything from the week. I'm hoping the Fast Five really works - that is unfortunately, not available at Walmart. I'm also hoping that the "science" behind it will give me the proper combinations of protein, carbs, etc to get me off this plateau.

People need to realize that this is not a "miracle worker". You still need to use common sense and not cheat and exercise.

I just opened my new weekly ad for Harris Teeter supermarkets, and they are showing it there. If anyone is near a store, I guess you can buy it there.

No Harris Teeter's in WI.

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The food is nasty!! I wouldn't waste the money. Tried a quick start 5 day plan once and gagged so much that I threw it away and got my $ back!!!!

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I have been on NS for about 5 weeks. I have lost about 12 lbs, but I am not in any rush. The food tastes OK to me and it is more about learning to eat correctly. For some of us, that is not easy. I buy quite a bit from QVC, but for this I like to pick my food.

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thanks for your opinions i think i should just order some kind of portion control plate & try that awhile or go back to frozen ww or lc - but they are so dang expensive for so little

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SASSY, Please, go to MAGIC KITCHEN .COM or just google Magic Kitchen (I'm not good at web addresses. They have prepared, fresh, healthy, prepared frozen food in perfect serving sizes.Not frozen food as in "frozen .........understand

It is NOT a diet company as you will see when you get there.

But it is wholesome prepared home cooked food.Great serving sizes.Easy to microwave or cook however you choose to do it.Large menu choices, even for those with special needsDiabetic,heart,ect I am a vegetarian,and I love what they have..

They deliver, actually just leave it at your door by Fed Ex. and no sales people ever bother you.I think they are in Calif. and I am in NJ

They have the best customer service I have ever kno

It costs me $10 a day. You can choose whatever you want to eat.

As a single senior woman , I LOVE iT!

added benefit keeps my weight in tact !!!

Edited to add:

I used NS many yrs ago ,you loose weight because the food is awful, besides you still need to shop for the fruits,salads and fresh veggies and stuff.

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Not a fan, it's all Gmos and soy. bleh!! You're better off learning to portion control, eat fresh foods and exercise on your own.

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I lost weight with Nutrisystem back in the 80's and didn't find the food bad at all. Fast forward to 7 years ago or so and I tried it again and found the food largely inedible and I'm not very picky. I even ordered from Nutrisystem directly as I wanted to pick my entrees. One thing I'll say is the company was gracious about my return and refunded my entire order including the things I ate. You might want to google the Good Housekeeping Supermarket Diet. It's a book and cookbook that I believe is still available. You can get some convenience foods at the store as well as fresh items and I think it still helps with portion control. Lean Cuisines by the way taste better than Nutrisystem in my opinion. Good luck with whatever you try!

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but the weekends off are not a free for all..NutriSystem teaches you portion control, food combining, other words, any two days out of the week, doesn't have to be the weekend although it's called that, you can buy what's on the grocery list they provide but portions are still in place, as well as food that is just not's a great program!

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Nurtrisystem was the first diet I ever tried.  I felt shaky a lot of the time and the food wasn't that great.  At some point, I just didn't lose anything at all.  I called and emailed the counselors but they just kept saying to be more active (which I was plus I was exercising, too).  After I went off of the packaged food, I gained it all back plus.  I was very disappointed with the amount of money I spent and how I didn't feel really great while eating it.

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You can buy a 7-day package of it at Wal Mart - in the pharmacy section. There is regular and diabetic (with little difference in the two) for about $44.00 for the week's worth, and there is usually a $5 off coupon you can find online to use.


If you order through NS's website and not through QVC, you can order their frozen programs too - there are several to choose from. You can get part frozen and part shelf stable (for cheaper) or you can pay more and get the option to choose as many frozen meals (including all frozen) per month that you want.  You should talk to a sales person, and don't take their first deal they offer.  Go over all the programs with the salesperson and say you'll think about it.  When my sister did that, they called her back several days later and offered her a better deal to order (although granted, this was several years ago - I don't know whether they still do that0.   But if you like WW  and Lean Cuisines, you might like the NS frozen meals.  They are low fat and low glycemic, which not all WW and LC are.