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iT Cosmetics TSV

Hi Ladies!  Is anyone buying it?  What do you think about the foundation?  This is the only one I don’t have, so I’d really like to know how it looks on a more mature lady. Thanks!!! 

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Re: iT Cosmetics TSV

Many people love it...I think it's pretty good, but--for my skin--there are better options. I love Bare Minerals Complection Rescue and also Lancome's new mineral-based CC cream. I have "late 50s" skin, so I've found that wearing less foundation is helpful - in any brand.

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Re: iT Cosmetics TSV

I tried it last summer and didn't love it


even though they say it's Matte, it was more creamy shiney on me than the reg CC product


if there is an Ulta or Sephora close by they have it so you can try before buying 

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Re: iT Cosmetics TSV

I tried it last year.  Purchased two different shades and they both looked like funeral home makeup on me.  It was also thicker consistency that I wanted.  Returned.

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Re: iT Cosmetics TSV

I use Bye Bye Foundation so I thought I would like this.  They apparently put some sort of clay like material in this formulation.  The clay like material made it hard to spread and then my skin felt very dry afterward.  I think it is made for those with oily skin, so it didn't work for me.