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Staples has the iPad mini for $199.99 in today's ad. No accessories but way cheaper. This is the oldest version of the iPad mini and has no retina display.

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I had the original ipad mini and have the ipad air with retina and to be honest I can not tell the difference. the original ipad mini has a beautiful display.

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The camera in the mini2 & 3 is more advanced than this older version. I'm always amazed that the latest is never being sold here for those high prices!

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These Apple TSV's make me cringe. What a rip-off. And there is a caller who was just saying what an excellent value this is. UGH. Nothing like paying $130-$180 more for something. Oh, you get some junk accessories that you can get anywhere (if you really want them).

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What cracks me up is it saying that this is an over $1000 value. There is no way all those accessories total up to be over $1000.
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I hate it when they are not forthright. They don't say what version of the IPad mini this TVS is! Is it Ipad mini1,2 or 3? You can get the latest mini 3 for this price at Best Buy. I have learned you have to do your research before purchasing and don't fall for their hipe.
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I would never buy electronics from Q. The add accessories that most of us would never use and often have an older version.

Buy local or go to Apple if you want an iPad.

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I'm looking through the Sunday paper and Target has it for $219. If I want an iPad Mini I want the newer one with more storage.
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Don't be fooled .... If you really want a IPad buy just the iPad and then you can purchase REAL Apple warranty & support through Apple (not this outsource company not Apple employees) which is for me the best investment of $100/3 yrs I've even spent. Plus they offer 1 year free financing on purchase if that is something that interests you. I also noticed this is NOT with the newest retina display and other features offered on the latest version.
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The people buying this probably don't know much about electronics or do much of a review check or homework, they see this and think wow what a deal when it's really outdated technology and loaded with junk they don't need. I agree with others, never buy electronics especially an Apple product or a computer from QVC.