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I prefer 3/4 sleeves year round.  I don't wear short sleeves even in summer.  Everywhere I go the air conditioning is freezing.  If I spent a lot of time outdoors (which I don't because of sun sensitivity and being at work inside most of the week) still would wear my 3/4 sleeves or an elbow length, which I also like.  I do not like to show my arms anymore.  Somehow they got old!  If I wear short sleeve or tank, I will have a sweater or jacket on.  The short sleeve works well under jackets for work.  I do wear long sleeves in winter but often find they are too long for me.

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There is also a need for 3/4 sleeve tops and long sleeve tops even in summer.  As others have written, some of us have issues with our arms and don't prefer to show as much skin.  My arms are no longer firm and nice looking due to being older and health issues.  I get tiny little blood bruises so much and have other skin issues and I don't like showing much of my arms at times.  Also, a lot of us are indoors most of the time and sleeveless or short sleeved are not good for us as the air conditioning makes us too cold.  My tops have a variety of sleeve lengths and some sleeveless, but I find I wear the 3/4 sleeve most of the time.  I wish I could find more of them which i like!  As for long sleeves, I enjoy them because I can push them up or roll them if I choose to.  Variety is needed so everyone can get what they are comfortable in.  

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Many older women - QVCs  base - have arm waddle and love 3/4 sleeves. They think they are covering something up but they don't realize that the material on the sleeve just waddles right along with their arm. 10 min a day of exercise your arms with some light weights gets them firmed up significantly. Push ups really firms them but not everyone can do thise.

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I agree and the fabrics why have all the knits in June.  

I want summer fabrics, cotton, Linen.  etc.

Also, what about all the stretch in the clothes.  Do we need 16% spandex in a pant, top etc.

Also, I find the prices going up and still the same old fabric.

I don't believe that these knits are that expensive.


French Terry shorts now lori goldstein.  54.50$. way to much money.  

That to me is a winter fall fabric, or home watching tv.


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i wear sleeveless, short sleeves, elbow sleeves, 3/4 sleeves, and long sleeve all year long, depending on the weather, where i will be, and what look i want......and if i am layering or not.


my most favorite sleeves are elbow or 3/4.

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