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Re: Tbliss hammocks Chair TSV 5/15

They sell these chairs in various stores Lowe's, Walmart, Target, Home Depot, Costco,etc..and cheaper (no shipping charge).  even Amazon has them.  I would rather go to the store and check it out.  This time of year lots of places have chairs, tables and umbrella's for sale.  I think on this one you can do better at a local store for less price.  My daughter got me 2 last year from a local store.  They are awesome.  Have not faded, have clip on side tables.  Just like these, very comfortable and at a cheaper price.  

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Re: Tbliss hammocks Chair TSV 5/15

l just got an email from QVC saying my green diamond chair has been delayed.  They do say it "should" arrive next week.  We'll see.  



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Re: Tbliss hammocks Chair TSV 5/15

JUST received mine on saturday finally, but they were worth the wait. super comfortable and easy to set up! i got them in the sand color.

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Re: bliss hammocks Chair TSV 5/15

I bought the Green Diamond along with the side table.  This one is wider than my old one and is so comfortable.  It is also easier to fold than my old one. I am happy with this purchase.