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Are all the hosts, presenters and models wearing this Today's Special Value jacket in a size that is too small. Right now, Jill and one of the models couldn't zip it closed if they tried.  Is there a new stylist dressing them?  It is not doing this jacket a service by showing everyone stuffed into it.  

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I think it's a fitted jacket and meant to be worn open.  It looks very thick and heavy to me.  I would not feel comfortable in it.  It's not practical -- it's like a show piece.  My opinion.

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This jacket is certainly not for everyday wear, but is a pretty special wardrobe addition for someone with that kind of lifestyle.   I saw it last night and it looked too tight on everyone, and not very comfortable.

The mike back-packs that hosts wear could explain why the hosts look like theirs wouldn't close, but so far I haven't seen it zipped on any but the tiny models.

The chest measurements look kind of small, which may be why they are showing then on screen.


I congratulate those slim enough to wear this, it's very pretty!

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Most of the time the models and hosts look like they are wearing jackets that don't fit.  If you watch, jackets will pull across the shoulders, and the upper arms.  That is the first sign the item is too small.  The hosts are even worse about this than the models.  There is no way you can judge how items will look by seeing them on the hosts.  Doing that doesn't flatter the items, or the models.  

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Love Mary Beth.  Didn't love the fit of the jacket on her during the denim and company show.

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hmmm, that would definitely make me wonder about the fit of the jacket.  As if in order to be big enough to zip, it would be too big in the shoulders.  I saw the blond Gili rep wearing hers zipped, but of course she is tiny.


Love the look of leather jackets but can't wear them; to me they are so uncomfortably stiff--feel like I"m in a straight jacket, LOL!

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Looked at all the videos of this jacket and they have been replaced by Jill Bauer in every one.  Which means, they think the jacket doesn't look good on any one of their hosts.

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Good question asking why some/many hosts wear jackets like this but refuse to put on a jacket a size or 2 or 3 even, so that the jacket fits well and looks really nice on.  I've seen too many times jackets on JB and MBR that look hideous on each of them because they won't put one on that fits well.  MBR had her's half zipped this morning and all you could see were her breasts.  She does this in her Liz shows with jackets too.  Yet, when she does other shows in her own suits, they fit her very well and she looks great - Jill too for that matter.

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@GCR18 wrote:

Love Mary Beth.  Didn't love the fit of the jacket on her during the denim and company show.

When I saw MB in the jacket my first reaction was OMG why don't they give her a jacket that fits!!!! ... it was so tight and looked terrible!!!

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Hosts and models all..............the jackets were "pulling" under the armpits and across the back.     I can't imagine how uncomfortable that must be.

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