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Why don't they offer it in a petite or short length. I would have bought at least two of them. They are missing a big market here. I thought it was really cute.

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Agree.  When I wear a regular length, it sometimes makes me look very matronly.  More petites all across the Q please!!!

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I couldn't agree with you more.  I FB'd Angel a few months ago requesting petite - NOT SHORT - explaining the issues with the rise and reminding her that sales would increase exponentially.  No reply to date.

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That's one of the reasons I don't purchase the DreamJeans.  I did try order short and they were still so terribly long on me I returned them.  I'm very short and petite would be so much better.  To me there is a big difference between short and petite.   I do like the QF pedal pushers though.  Those fit great.

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I really like this but I prefer to wear things past my knees.  This will not work.

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To me a TSV should be for EVERYONE. I feel the same way about shoes as TSV and no wide widths.

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or narrow widths

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It's very long at 20 inches 

was thinking might be nice for golf as I would like a white golf skirt I could even overlook the rhinestone but the length on me is too long 



a petite would be nice 




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Wonder why QF puts the rhinestone hearts on the pockets. Most QF customers will wear tops over the pockets. I know,I know you are a size -1 and always tuck your tops in.

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