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Re: What was the "worst" TSV you ever bought?

I haven't bought many, but just a few months ago I bought 

CLOUDSTEPPERS by Clarks Wedge Sandals - Caddell Bright


Unfortunately, I didn't wear them for over a month because the weather wasn't warm enough, so it was too late to return them when I discovered how much they irritated the top of my foot! Lesson learned: when buying shoes, wear them around the house for several hours and then decide if they are worth keeping.



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Re: What was the "worst" TSV you ever bought?

Worst purchases were a breezies T-shirt bra with cups so stiffly molded they stuck out an inch from my body; a Calista tool with interchangeable brush heads that burned my hands when I tried to switch heads during styling (which was the big selling point); and denim and co pants—bought 3 pairs in the same size and none fit nor matched the garment measurements. Lots of complaints on those pants. I seldom buy beauty TSVs unless I will use every product in the kit. I don’t need more throw away brow pencils or lip glosses.






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Re: What was the "worst" TSV you ever bought?

Actually there have been 2 unfortunate Worst TSVs:


1). Diamonique TSV tiny tennis bracelet. 

It lasted one day.  Located at the clasp are four diamonique stones that are just a part of the clasp, not a part of the flexible bracelet stones.  It looks great to have that continuous look of stones.  The 2nd day I wore it I looked down and just happened to see it on the floor.  When I picked it up I noticed it had broken just at that clasp connection. 

After reading the reviews, I noticed lots of major problems with the clasp.


2). The Vionic Tide TSV!!!

I nearly twisted my ankle, twice.  The arch is very high, so much so that I was walking on the side of the sandal.  There was no way to stand up straight! I even gave it the recommended 30 minutes of wearing to see if I would get used to it, but that only gave me a miserable pain on the bottom of my feet.  

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Re: What was the "worst" TSV you ever bought?

I don't know that I would call it the worst TSV, just a TSV that didn't meet my expectations.


It was the big Halo charger that was supposed to jump start a car or serve as a charger in a power outage.  I followed the directions for charging up the Halo and tested it on:


 A small pre-lit Christmas tree under 3 feet) that didn't have that many lights on it.  They weren't blinking or anything and the Halo didn't keep it lit for more than an hour or so.


I recharged the Halo and the next day tried it on a:


A lamp with a 40 W bulb in it.  I deliberately used a lower watt bulb in that lamp for the test.  The Halo couldn't keep that thing going either.


I returned the unit.

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Re: What was the "worst" TSV you ever bought?

The Bliss chair was a big mistake for us too.  The chair is sooooo large and sooooo heavy.   Just sits in the shed and no one wants to bother to get it it out to use.


A Diamonique bracelet that fell apart the first time I tried it on.  I asked for a replacement and the second one lasted a little bit broke the third time trying it on.

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Re: What was the "worst" TSV you ever bought?

I have been wearing that same model Vanity Fair bra for years. I love it!  Have found it to be so comfortable.  Others comment about wanting to get out of their bra as it is not comfortable. Not with the VF 71380. I buy mine at Kohl’s, or at the outlet store. I won’t wear any other bra. 

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Re: What was the "worst" TSV you ever bought?

@Imaoldhippie wrote:

Breezies bras.

Gave me a uniboob!

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Re: What was the "worst" TSV you ever bought?

@Songbird1  I've generally had good luck with Breezies bras, with a few exceptions.  Don't like the molded cup "T-shirt" bras at all, and I have one other style (sorry, don't remember the name) with underwire issues.  But have several other styles and they're good.  I wear a 34DD, but would prefer 32DD, which Breezies on QVC doesn't carry.  My favorite bras are Wacoals but I have to go to the store and buy them (and hunt for 32DDs) and they're nearly twice the cost.  The hold up a litte better and longer than Breezies, but not twice as long.  BTW, I hand wash and hang dry my bras.


If I see a Wacoal on sale at Century 21 I'll pick it up, but I don't go to buy them at full price or at even using one of Macy's ubiquitous sale thingys anymore (the cards they send offering x percent off).  


I get the wire-free Breezies for my mom and she is happy with them (40C).  I've tried one wire free Breezies.  IMO, it offers about 80-90% of the support as the same style underwire.  If I were anything less than a DD, I'd buy more of them, but we DDs need all the help we can get.  

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Re: What was the "worst" TSV you ever bought?

@Halo117 wrote:

The Earth Origin Sandals that fell off of everyone's feet. QVC put out a letter to return them for free. 

@Halo117  QVC should do the same for the Vionic TSV Thong 6/2.  Lots of reviews are same poor loose fit, many returned, including me (1 out of 4 fit) and inventory is all but sold out!  Same for a Clarks shoe sometime ago, major complaints and they pulled it from inventory!

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Re: What was the "worst" TSV you ever bought?

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The most recent Sketchers TSV that was a wedge style.  Horrible.