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Re: What happened to Slatkins line?

It's not so much the look of his line since his return to QVC, but it is the QUALITY of his line (for me anyway).  His candle quality has gone way down.  Many of his candles either don't burn well or don't fragrance my home the way he claims.  His scents have become way too complex for me too.  If something is labeled as an apple scent, I expect it to smell like apples. His apple scented candles smell very floral and are all over the place.  I know he takes pride in the complexity of his candle scents, but I personally don't care for that.


The pricing of his candles aren't consistent either.  Some are nearly $50 for two, others are $35.  It's just too much for me to personally pay when the quality isn't what it should be. It's disappointing since I was OBSESSED with his candles when he was at BBW and during his first round at the Q. 


And, I agree about some of his home decor candle items.  Some are adorable (loved the fruit baskets!), but others are over the top.  However, everyone has different tastes, so I'm happy for those that get them and love them.



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Re: What happened to Slatkins lin

I was glad he returned but because of so many bad reviews I have not ordered his new stuff. His line has a new name I guess for a reason.