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I looked at the TS on the Southern Channel and thought about ordering it - I love some of the colors.  My problem is the jacket.  I think it is way too short for the set.  The thin models look great in it but I can't see it on anyone with any "problem areas" below the waist.  Is it just the way they are showing it (or I'm looking at it)?

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Hi Littlesmokie.  I have a feeling Wendy's jogging outfit will be reduced in price if it doesn't sell out.  It is cute though.


Maybe if you wore a longer top under the jacket you could "hide" some of your "problem areas below the waist".


I like the black, which of course is always the most slimming color!


Hope you like it if you decide to purchase.

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Her items are such a hit or miss- I prefer to wait for reviews. And it will also go on sale for lower than the ts price (all her ts items have!)!

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I was on the edge of ordering, but when I saw the close ups the material looks thin and seemed to be pilling and fuzzy. Also, in some of the shots the color looks blotchy. I also. also think the jacket is too short. Oh well!

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Its cute...but I don't do hand wash lie flat to dry...if it doesn't go in the washer/dryer...I don't buy...I have nowhere to wash by hand and gosh knows nowhere to lie flat to dry...


Are those four women suppose to be the "live audience"....that the best HSN can do...