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WHo is getting the Vitamix?  Always so tempted but I do have a Ninja and it works well. For the # of times I use it I guess I cannot justify the cost of the Vitamix.  I just don't cook/eat like that...

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I have it and love it.  BUT if you aren't going to spend the time and effort to utilitze it, then it would be a waste of money.  I love the way it blends up my smoothie and if you use protein powder you wouldn't know it.  With the Ninja i always got a gritty texture.  It makes great PB w/little effort and it's warm .... yummmmm.  I have made soups also.

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I got one as a gift and love it!  We make smoothies almost every day.  I also make ice cream, frozen desserts, sasla, different sauces and have made soup.


It's a great machine!

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I have a Wolfgang Puck that is supposed to do a lot of what the Vitamix does including making hot soup according to the presentation when I bought it.  I don't eat cream soups so never tried that.  Maybe you can't pulverize whole fruits to make a smoothie that has no tiny bits in it if you do the plate test, I don't know, never tried that.  Like you, @bargainsgirl , I don't use mine that often. 


If you Google it, you will find that you CAN make flour using a good blender without spending $300 to do it.  If I really thought I wanted to make flour, I would probably just go for a dedicated grinder.  You can get one of those that gets good reviews for a little over $100.  Kitchenaid has one that fits on their mixers for around $135.  One of the reviewers mentioned you need to run it through a few times, but no big deal I think.  You won't be able to do much at a time even with a dedicated grain grinder as they need to rest between batches of 1 to 2 cups so as not to overheat.  Yeah, I was researching grain grinders last night after seeing the presentation wondering if you really needed a Vitamix or BlendTec to do that.

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I am not a fan of the Vitamix.   I had one from many years back and though it did work fairly well mine had the black speckling coming off the blade.  There was a whole hassle to get a new pitcher (as the blade is actually attached inside the pitcher) that I didn't decide to get one.  I found it was also difficult to clean due to where the blade was attached.   You could purchase a new pitcher online but it was the cost of the whole machine.  I ended up donating mine and bought an Oster blender, which I does everything I need and it cost a lot less. JMO, it was a waste of money.