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It's A375726 and comes in some beautiful colors including the BEST color teal. lol

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If the sandal has a fabric shoe bed, I will not purchase.  I bought a cute pair last year with a fabric footbed and I never could get them clean and it looks terrible, I never wear them anymore, much prefer the other footbed, the rubbery one

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I am glad that all hosts and models wearing this TSV got pedicures and tanned their feet. That care shows respect for the product and the audience.

Then there is the shades of Alberti, who insisted on wearing the men's Tide version (a completely different model).   His face is dark, his hands are white, and his feet are pastey white.  Looks attrocious.  Style?  Fashion? really.....

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I have the Spenko brand from last year and they are very nice and comfortable but I personally prefer Vionic

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