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Re: VPH Big Deal April 2020?

I agree. You are 100% correct Bugonbike


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Re: VPH Big Deal April 2020?

There is a corner of the sunroom with "my chair" that doesn't have light. I was fine with that, as I wanted my corner - OK - I do share it with our kitties - to be a place to pray, relax, read, and study. Because I'm busy at night I don't need a lamp there. 


But in these times, I thought it would be nice to have a lamp out there. I thought about ones we had in other rooms, but nothing really excited me. Then Valerie's lamp became the Big Deal. 


I ordered the white. It's perfect! It gives off plenty of light, and it fits in with the other beachy things we have out there. I think it's very well made, and I love it! Smiley Happy