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I need a new pair of slippers and I do like Vionic overall but I few years ago I ordered a pair of their slippers in a thong style and they were so heavy I had to return them.   Anyone have any comments?

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@Teddixat   I've had three pairs over the years.  They are heavy, and they do wear out quickly AND are expensive, so last time, I just bought the run-of-the-mill dearfoam brand ones, and have had great luck with them.  I think the material they use on the Vionic slippers are very thin and wear out too fast for a pair of slippers that are $50++. 


I have lots of their sandals and some shoes, have love them, but no more slippers for me. 

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I like them because they have a heel, but I don't care for the price.

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I love all my Vionics and added these slippers to my collection. They are a bit pricey but worth it IMHO. My feets are SO happy when I wear them and they look good too. Perfect.

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I like them because they have arh support & a heel that can be worn if I'm home all day.  They make great indoor shoes for me.  I can't wear unsupportive shoes anymore.


ETA: I don't notice them to be any heavier than my other shoes which tend to be heavier.

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I could never bring myself to pay that much for slippers.  Even Dearfoams have gotten expensive.  Fortunately, I got a great pair of Easy Spirit slippers on sale at Macy's for under $15.  Cushiony, comfortable.  

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Someone needs to make a washable lightweight slipper mule with good arch support. I would even pay a higher price for them if they were sold somewhere but I can't find them anywhere.

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$64 for these slippers that aren't even shearling/suede? Yikes. Way, way too expensive. I have Ugg shearling slippers that I paid slightly more for. You can also get shearling slippers at Costco this time of year.

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LOVE these and vionics are pretty much all i wear around the house.

i dont find them to wear out quickly.

purchased two pair this morning, but really considering another pair or two.

absolutely the BEST slipper around. so far i got the black and the blue.

yes, they do run heavy, but are super comfortable and give you great stability.

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My feet aged out of unstructured shoes and slippers long ago.   For a couple of decades now, I've used Birkenstock or Vionic sandals when others might wear slippers.  Definitely helps that I've lived the vast majority of these years in warm weather and don't need warmth beyond a pair of sox occasionally.