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V-38080 Dyson Omni Glide Hard Floor Cordless Vac

Hey QVC:
1) The price of these Dysons. Seriously! For a Vac that only does hard floors too. Regardless of whether it has attachments or not.

2) Why can't QVC get on the ball answering questions posted on the product web page when the product is a TSV and people are trying to decide to buy it. It may save on returns if you get those questions answered ASAP as the product is presented and people are trying to decide if something is for them.

3) In that vein.....what is the run time on a full charge for this floor vac? Is it still a measley 15 minutes like the other Dyson cordless vacs have been in the past?

4) How long does it take to get a full charge?

5) Since people would like to know specifics like I have just asked about, why doesn't QVC post the user manual for every item on the product web page. Again, if you are not going to answer questions in a timely fashion, then post the manual so some of us can figure this stuff out ourselves. I have asked and asked and asked for this to be the standard, been told it was a good idea, and then never seen it happen.

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Re: V-38080 Dyson Omni Glide Hard Floor Cordless Vac

Presentations are always skimpy on 'details'...........lots of flash & dash to tell you what they want you to know.


No interest at all in that expensive toy no need to HOLD the ON switch on while pushing it.  (Improvement I guess)