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First, I'd like to say, hooray for the return to fashion. Thank god all the laptops, ipads, flashlights, can openers, shears, and many other useless gadgets are no longer being aired (for a while, at least).

I am a huge fan of Clarks, and yesterday I googled the upcoming TSV Evianna Fig and it was pretty easy to get the link/item #. Unfortunately, way too many 1 star reviews from those who pre-ordered... very disappointing! Such a shame because it's a really cute shoe.

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I just saw tomorrow's TSV and was planning to order. I will google it and see what's up

Wow.....I wonder how they product test these shoes. Although there are a small # of reviews....15 or so all but 2 are either 1 or 2 stars. If I were QVC, I would pull the TSV. Thanks for the heads up. I may just have ordered without checking

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I was one of the 1 stars unfortunately. I love Clarks and these looked wonderful but the design was all wrong for me - there is a piece of elastic that is threaded through the top of the back of the shoe that obviously is supposed to provide a ""give"" (I assume when walking) but it ""gave"" so much I kept walking right out of it. I couldn't believe this was a design that was tested thoroughly. I was a bit upset that it cost me 7 dollars to try on this pair of shoes (return postage).

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I didn't like them when I saw the TSV preview picture. I like Clarks, though.

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I almost ordered these, I'm so glad I saw the reviews from the pre-orders. I ordered one of the Clark's TSVs from a year or two ago and they as well ran HUGE (as is described in the 1 star reviews on this TSV). You figure that for a TSV, they have to cut some corners to get the price that low but how does making a shoe a full size too big allow them to bring it cheaper?

You'd think they would at least mention that on air, to size down so they don't get a deluge of returns.

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I have a similar Clarks style like this slip on. I got my normal width and size and it was way too big. I got them on sale at a Dillard's store and could not return. I put Dr. Scholl's pads in mine and they are better, but not the right fit as they should be.

I'm afraid the narrow will be too tight. That's why I don't like to buy shoes online.

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I thought the shoe was kind of cute but all that elastic turned me off.

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I also am a big fan of Clarks and have many Clarks including 2 of the unstructured.

I also was going to buy the TSV until I read the bad reviews. Decided to pass.

If these are all true it is a shame that it happened with any Clark shoe.