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This brand mimics the brand Lug here I think.  I don't like either of these styles especially for a 'purse'.  first they have way too many pockets - how do keep track of where you stashed everything?  Too crazy for me even though I love to be organized in a handbag, a few pockets does me just fine.


This brand also looks like the cheap version of Lug and today's special really more looks like a diaper bag.  No thanks for many reasons.  As for the dangling monkey - I think it's not necessary, makes the bag look childish, and cheapens it even more.

@PinkDogwood  I have Lug and have looked at Kipling many times at TJM or Marshall's.  The Kipling is much better made than Lug or Travelon.   It may "look" like a cheap version of a Lug but it's not.  You can't tell much from an internet photo or from the TV.  I think it's best to see them in person before making judgment calls about them.

This^ unless you have owned a Kipling bag, you would not know...they are made very well, and are nothing like the awful cheap Travelon bags...I have a Kipling set of luggage in black that's been awesome, have had it for years...don't knock it if you've never tried it!

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