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It looks like a cheap gym bag (workout, duffle) or whatever you call them.

Nike, Puma, Amour or whoever's sports brand  are much cuter, stylish, will wear forever and youthful..  

Looks like your packing to take someone to a home.

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I don't care for the TSV bag.  I do like the Angie bag.

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Kipling bags are fun.  They are light and functional. I don't limit myself to one brand or style.  Love my Louie V as well as my Kiplings....Varity is the spice of life


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@Q2girl wrote:

I've never heard of these bags and I don't like the monkey either.  


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I own and love many Kipling bags. I have purses,wallets,belt bands for concerts,tabket case,makeup cases,pencil case,luggage and carry-on bags too. I pretty much only travel with Kipling and carry a nice bag for going out. These are so sturdy,zippers never stick,they hold so much,and they weigh nothing so the only weight I'm hauling is my stuff. Also,they are pretty water resistant. I am a lover of the monkey. The monkeys sell for a nice sum on EBay. I am kinda weird,but I leave some monkeys on and others are hanging around for putting on my funky  christmas tree. I like this bag,but the value is not good. This can be found cheaper. I get lots of mine at Ross,TJMAXX,EBay,and Amazon. I also have very nice bags but these are just my favorite for so many things.

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How many of these type bags do we need or WANT?    Cat Tongue

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Don't care for the TSV at all.   


I don't get my bags dirty.   They're either in my lap or on the car seat or I wear a cross body.   


It's too utilitarian for me 

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I'm not in the market for a bag, but can see where a bag this size could be useful.

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agree w/birkinbaby.

I first discovered Kipling on the Mag Mile years ago and loved the style.  They are similar to baggellini but imo have more personality, plusI love the monkey!  I've got 5 of them and they can be found much cheaper at TJ Maxx, Macy's. or even on their own site - they have frequent sales.  I'm a Kipling fan and was excited to see them coming to Q - but I won't pay full retail - and the 15% off tsv is kind of insulting lol.

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@Q2girl  I had never heard of them either.

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