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I don't think it's ugly, it's kind of sporty and definitely functional.

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I like the fact that the Q is getting new vendors. The TSV looks like a diaper bag to me......get something fashionable. 

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I guess there are people who only carry a bag for style, and people who need function, and people who need both.  


So if your ONLY need for a bag is to look pretty, then I guess you'd say "ugly."  And if you only need a bag for funcition, I guess you'd say a bag that is only pretty is useless and a really stupid purchase.


However, for most of us, I'd think the response wouldn't be so extreme either way--since we get bags for various reasons. 


Just looks like a photographer's dream bag to me.

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Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

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Nonleather bags are a good thing....  I have some Kipling bags that are cute and functional.  I'm glad that QVC is bringing this line. 

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I have a Kipling insulated lunch tote that I love (the monkey fob went straight into the Goodwill bag) and it's held up well over the year I've used it nearly every day.


That said, I just don't see the deal in this TSV. It's $15.00 off the full price which is not even a 20% savings.


Whatever happened to really great TSV prices?

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Disappointing for sure.  I do not like this at all.  And ugly is correct with your description.  Was so hoping for a better line of handbags coming.  We are all getting Dooney out of our system, the others are not offering anything exciting.  I guess its time for the outlet.

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@haddon9 wrote:

I agree.  It's not very stylish and I'm not a fan.

@haddon9  "Not very stylish" was my first thought when I saw it.  That cargo pockets style was popular several years ago.   This reminds me of old stock sitting around a warehouse somewhere and shouldn't be this price.   Besides, you can find Kiplings (easy enough to remove the key fob for those who dislike it such as myself) at around $59 at TJ Maxx and Marshalls, esp. if you want and out-of-date style like the TSV.  They are well constructed and durable it seems to me (better made than Travelon) but way overpriced.  I do not own one but always look at them when I come across them at the discount places.

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@LipstickDiva wrote:

This isn't my style and I personally don't care for nylon handbags.  I've had them and ended up getting them dirty and couldn't get them clean. 



I love nylon bags because they are so lightweight and because I can just wipe them down with an antiseptic wipe.  I've even put them in the washing machine before and they come out fine.  IMO they are very easy to keep clean, easier than most bags.

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I'm pretty new to Kipling and love the Alvar style (the larger of the 2 Alvar's).


I was hoping that since this is Kipling's first TSV, they'd have something maybe a little cuter, but their bags are definitely functional.


I took a floral print Alvar, along with a navy Alvar on my recent vacation and it was the perfect purse for that.  Lightweight, cross body, tons of zippered sections.  I love the Alvar.

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