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Why does it seem like every time there is a beauty TSV its Josie and her Argan lotions? I swear we see this 4x a year!
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TSV's have become very stale......

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They should have Beekman or Korres body butters instead. 

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Whatever sells is what they push -- continually!


Unfortunately, QVC does this with many brands pushing one vendor's purses, cosmetics, etc., to the point of saturation.  I find this unfair both to the customer and the vendor.


Perhaps, the Q should 'upgrade' their buying department as, imho, new products as well as more varieties are sorely needed.  By upgrade, I don't mean fire everyone; I mean they need new thinking/approaches within that realm.

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Are they perhaps testing the waters to see how the Q would fare as a 24 hour infomercial channel?

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As long as people continue to buy, they will continue to sell.  By the same token, these work very well and smell great.  I prefer First Aid Beauty cause I live in a very dry climate with extreme temperature fluctuations.

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I actually use both and stock up when there is a OTO or TSV. Both work great on dry, senstive skin  and I have seen improvment. 

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Re: Tsv on repeat...

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This is my opinion of the problem with the now constant advertising and pre-sale of Q-TSV/Q2-BigDeal.  First of all the excitement of exposing the "deals" is gone and people do not have to tune in. Perhaps this "pre-sale" advertising is to bring in more $. Some of the Q2-BigDeal items, considering they bring in less volume than the Q-TSV, are pre-purchased and almost sold out prior to the day of presentation.  For example, the wonderful Vionic suede thong that was Q2-BigDeal several days ago.  One color was almost sold out pre-sale and taken off the table 10 minutes into first presentation.  These sandals will not be restocked this season and there are barely any available...I received my 2 pre-orders and it is a gorgeous Vionic sandal and demand will bring it back, but not likely this summer.  No doubt QVC did not plan well for this one, they should have known this Vionic would be popular; unless of course this is intentional!  I saw the early intro by Courtney Khondabi and knew I wanted the sandal, immediately ordered online--had I not, I would not have received the color that sold out immediately on BigDeal presentation.

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Feels more like 20 times a year...