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Does anyone know what the tsv from Kim is tomorrow?

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She hinted shorts 

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I've been burned by Kim's previous TSVs and will not be buying another.  I think they cheapen them to save a few bucks.  Hers are exceptionally bad.

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I have never bought anything from Kim and I do enjoy her very much.


I have no use for either shorts or the dreaded capri!!!!!!!  Give me a break with the capris already.


QVC is lucky there are so many people that wear capris, that's all I can say.


Won't buy any kind of NYDJ ever.  Yes, I'm a bit moody and I know it is obvious by my post.  Life happens. Cat Sad

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I find her TSVs are of lower quality ( heavily mass produced and maximizing profit, cheaper fabrics) than regular items- 

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Capri length is better than cropped on me!! Cropped look like flood-pants-
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Well, I'm out I don't wear shorts. I have been told that her jeans bag out terribly so won't be watching all day.  I have several triple luxe top I bought two years ago that I love but her prices have gone so high I am no longer interested.

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Kim just mentioned 2 TSV's for March and hinted the second one was something shorter and pointed to her legs.

I bought one of her sweaters when she first started but I think I only wore it once. Too expensive for me.

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Re: Tsv Kim gravel

[ Edited ]

This is the TSV for 3/5

Belle by Kim Gravel Print or Solid V-Neck Maxi Dress

A570754 - Tall

A570752 - Regular

A570753 - Petite


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Staying up to see it on tv. I like it so far. There are a couple of prints that interest me. This is the type of easy wear dress that works well in the hot humid Florida summer. 

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