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@SilleeMee wrote:

@DJs mom,

Wow, that's weird. It was there earlier.  They must have taken it off their site. Okay then look at this one instead...v30476 for the reviews. This is sold out, too but at least you can read the reviews for the product.

@SilleeMee, this one lets me read reviews. Thank you for posting the item number.

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@philogirl wrote:

Has anyone used the Bio Cleaner and the Campanella Cleanng Paste? I have the Campanelli and like it feels r my sink.  Do I need this TSV? i think I will pass, but it looks fun. 

@philogirl  This cleaner is fantastic!  I always keep a good supply.  It really works as advertised.

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Thanks mousiegirl, I passed this time, but I will try it next time I need cleaner.